Abstract: In this presentation we'll see how to use CMake to build our
projects. Over the last decade we have seen how CMake went from a
handy cross-platform build tool to an industry standard. We will look
into how CMake works for a user and how to make the best of it, be it
because you started to look at someone else's project or because you'd
like to adopt it for your own project.

About the speaker: I am Aleix Pol Gonzalez, I started working on KDE projects on 2007 when we adopted it and I've been using it since. I maintained KDevelop's CMake integration for a while and worked on making cmake viable for our projects in different occasions, most notably on our KDE Frameworks 5 initiative as well as for our applications to work on Android transparently.

PS: Due to security issues, in order to assist we will need your first name and surname beforehand. Please send the information to [masked].

PS II: The event will be hosted at King on the 16th floor. The doors will open at 18:30 and the talk is expected to start at 19. Please take into account the timing burden that may derive from the security issues. Try to be on time :-)