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Hang out and discuss JavaScript tips, tricks, hacks, and frameworks with some of the best local coders. This is your chance to show off the cool stuff you've been working on and network with other members of the JS community. Mingle, eat food, and listen to great people talk about cutting edge web development.

Have something you're passionate about and looking to present? Is your company interested in hosting an event? Send an email to cujs@larry-price.com and let's talk!

Check out our YouTube channel for presentation recordings: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUv1y2drIqzmzzEk73ZcpgA

The CU JavaScript Meetup is committed to maintaining an inclusive, harassment-free atmosphere. Attendees, speakers and sponsors must all abide by our Code of Conduct. Please do not spam the group with job postings/contact info or bring collateral to the events.

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WebCon Redux


This month, we'll be celebrating the 20th annual WebCon (http://webcon.illinois.edu) by having two of our local speakers give modified versions of their sessions! Food and drink will be provided. * Reusable Component Libraries: Bootstrap and Beyond, Benjamin Sweedler (Pavlov Media) * Reusable component libraries can help developers build consistent UIs. In this talk, you'll learn what reusable component libraries are, and where they fit in between the spectrum of CSS libraries such as Bootstrap, and design systems such as Material. Next, you'll experience a whirlwind tour of the various open-source component libraries available to you. Finally, you'll hear some advice about how to use these libraries effectively. By the end of the talk, you know some new technologies to try out for your next project. * Functional Decision Making, Adrian Bettridge-Wiese (2wav) * Despite being in a field that calls for a tremendous amount of rigor in our work, I find that we often fail to apply that same level of rigor to our team discussions and decision making. This talk covers some of the perils of not doing so, as well as suggests some formal tools that teams can use. It also has a bunch of bad, fake Javascript, because I’m hoping you’re the kind of people who will laugh at it.

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