February JavaScript Talks


Join us at EnterpriseWorks in Research Park to hear local engineers talk about the latest in frontend technology. Food and drinks will be provided.

Changing up the format a little, this month we'll have one short session followed by a longer, in-depth session:

* React Hooks in 15 minutes or Less, Larry Price (Granular) *
React Hooks are an alpha feature that will change the way you write React components. Hooks are intended to remove the complexity around component classes and lifecycle functions, and can provide transpiler speed improvements in certain scenarios. Larry will give you the skinny and show you how to take advantage of Hooks in this short talk.

* Building PWAs with Workbox, Eric Barnard (Granular) *
Workbox is a library that bakes in a set of best practices and removes the boilerplate every developer writes when working with service workers. Eric plans to demonstrate the true power of these tools to build offline-centric applications for the modern web.