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Working with C++ tools

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This will be a number of short talks by different presenters about working with tools for C++.

Talk 1. What have I clang-formatted?

About formatting ~1kk lines of source code. How did we come up with The One True Formatting, how the execution process went and what we did to brace for merge conflicts.
Insights into integrating clang-format with development process included.
Lightning talk, ~10min, discussion welcome.
Presenter: Wojtek Gumuła

Talk 2. Code or not Code - Visual Studio Code

About Visual Studio Code - a multiplatform, open-source code editor.
We will talk about its basic configuration and usage for C++ development (code writting and debuging).
Presenter: Darek Chlipała

Talk 3. -- This slot is still free. If you want to share your experience with a tool for developing in C++, this can be your talk. Just contact the organizers, or comment on this meetup.