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A street-smart-hands-on--just-get-out-and-do-it-filmmakers group!

Our Mission: Network, Share, Film!

Our group in Cali is focused on bringing together all types of filmmakers to help one another write, shoot, and edit films on a regular basis. Making it in the industry is hard enough as it is, which is why having content to showcase your skills is invaluable. Bringing a project from script to screen has its own barriers, Filmmakers United is here to nurture teamwork and focus on helping its members overcome these obstacles by giving you the opportunities and resources needed to accomplish your goals. If you're a filmmaker that truly values the experience of being on set, and immersing yourself in a community with other motivated and proactive filmmakers that want to make things happen, then you're a great fit for our group. Come tell us why you want to join, what we can do for you, and how we can grow together. Whether you're a professional, or a first-timer, we welcome your participation.

CAFU offers local filmmakers the following advantages:
- Crew Resources, including a DP, Sound-Engineer, Grip, Gaffer, Script Supervisor, 1st/2nd AD, and PA's. (Filmmakers will be responsible for budgets and procuring locations of shoots unless discussed prior too)

- Free casting and filming space provided by our sponsor Hollywood Casting and Film.

- Regular networking events.

- Introduction to local film festivals.

- Academy Award-Qualifier Festivals.


**This is an open group to those who are passionate and wanting to work. We expect your participation in coming up with scripts, being a part of the crew, or helping out in other ways.


*Members from all disciplines (Writers, Directors, Cinematographers, Editors, Locations, Sound/Music, Crew, Actors, and Funders) pitch in to collaborate with others through Filmmakers United. Everyone maintains their IP rights and gets IMDB credit for projects they work on.

*FU will offer FREE and PAID events, and opportunities to everyone whether you’re a working professional or simply a film student looking to advance your career. We look out for members and although we collaborate on no budget projects, we work to get you paid gigs frequently.

*Each month CAFU invites all filmmakers to team up on their projects within the group, but CAFU would like to offer and shoot a sponsored short film, exclusively through our family of filmmakers. Working our way into multiple projects a month, pending the growth and participation of our group. -- Upon completion of our collab projects, CAFU would be happy to help you gain entry into Film Markets/Festivals (If applicable). Filmmakers United is open to all film and transmedia content.

*We congregate in Los Angeles and surrounding cities monthly to review new scripts, and to plan for upcoming shoots via our “Production Meeting”. These are focused solely on the actual process of pre-production for those projects being developed within the group. -- If you are already attached or looking to be attached to a project this is a great day for you to show up and team up!

*To enjoy the benefits of these programs filmmakers ask you to use our sponsor Hollywood Casting and Film for casting your group project. The site is FREE for filmmakers to use and provides access to thousands of talented actors. With this site, filmmakers and actors can do everything a normal casting site can do as well as schedule live, in-person auditions, or record/view auditions on their mobile devices from all over the US. Feel free to reference Filmmakers United or contact us at: CAFilmmakersUnited@gmail.com, to assist you when posting. For more info check out the site and see for yourself: HCandF.com (http://www.HCandF.com)

*All members pool resources together to consistently overcome barriers. We work to provide as many opportunities for you to get on set, learn and grow as a filmmaker in a hands-on environment. Filmmakers United and our partners are here to assist in any way to help move your project from script to screen.


TABLE READS: We can offer “Table Reads,” where you can have actors read your story or idea in a real life writers room scenario, and get immediate feedback and a feel for working with others. Filmmakers United can then help you move your project forward through all the phases until completion. You should copyright your work before presenting here are the sites:
- US Copyright (https://www.copyright.gov/registration/index.html) (Cost $35-55)
- WGA West Copyright (https://www.wgawregistry.org/) (Costs $20, or $10 for WGA members)

PRODUCTION MEETING: A meetup to review and breakdown scripts in pre-production. We provide a facilitation space where Filmmakers will have the ability to hire the team for your project, decide the important questions (Who, What, Where, When, Why? -- the look, feel, style, message, etc.) with your team, and complete as much of the work before the physical work begins. “Perfect Practice makes Perfect Performance.”

To add your project to the Monthly Film List please forward it to CAFilmmakersUnited@gmail.com, with the necessary details (One Page Breakdown, Budget (if applicable), crew and location needs)
One Page Samples Online: (6 Tips (http://www.bang2write.com/2012/11/6-tips-on-writing-a-one-page-pitch-for-your-script-or-novel.html)) (Scriptwriter (http://doms-world.blogspot.com/2014/11/one-page-pitch.html))
Budget: (If you have a budget, please write it on the One Page or on a separate page)
Crew & Location: (List what crew positions and locations you need so when we present it to the group, they will know exactly if their specific skills can be an asset to your project. Locations so that someone might be able to accommodate)

Overall admission costs consist of:

As a filmmaker, you need to agree to cast and shoot at least one short film/project a year, with the assistance of our group.

SHOWCASE/SCREENINGS/WRAP PARTIES: All the work is complete. The film has wrapped. Celebrate your accomplishment with fellow filmmakers in the same position. Each time a project wraps, we would love to have a get together to showcase and screen projects that were created through the CAFU group. Our sponsors from HCandF have graciously allowed us to use their studio in the heart of Hollywood for such events. Show up and support your community.

HOLLYWOOD BRUNCH: How do you think we continue to create such compelling stories in the industry? Breakfast, coffee, and more coffee! :P

PRE-SCREENINGS OF MAJOR FILMS: We sometimes have Pre-Screeners through our partners and will host a free screening of these Major Motion Pictures that are set to come out in theaters.

OPEN GROUP: We are an open minded group and we love collaboration. If you have an idea for a new program, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We want to make this community as best as possible for all filmmakers and your ideas are welcome. Email us at CAFilmmakersUnited@gmail.com

COMMUNITY-FUNDED: We are a community-funded group. Please support the group’s continued success and to help offset costs. It also helps funding paid film projects within the CAFU community and please host a casting session at the studio (Minimum of 4 hours). Inquire with Filmmakers United (CAFilmmakersUnited@gmail.com) to learn how this process works.

Filmmakers United looks forward to your active participation. Come say Hello and Introduce yourself to everyone!

For more info email us: CAFilmmakersUnited@gmail.com

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