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Cape Ann Photography Excursion (CAPE) Group meets informally at locations on Cape Ann, and across the North Shore, utilizing some of the most beautiful scenery in New England as a backdrop for our photos. From lighthouses and quaint New England towns, to rocky coastline and foliage.

Digital and film photographers of any skill level are welcome to join. We'll have fun, and maybe even learn a new thing or two from each other while sharing favorite photography tips and tricks.

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Watch City Steampunk Festival

Cafe On The Common

This will be the 11-year anniversary of our meetup at the first Watch City Steampunk Festival in 2010. The 10th year of the festival was cancelled due to the pandemic. This May the entire city of Waltham is going Steampunk once again! What is steampunk, you ask? Steampunk is a genre combining science fiction and Victorian era styles. Think leather, brass, glass, and a modern artist's take on elaborate historic clothing. When done well, it is, to say the least, a feast for the photographer's eye. Read more: https://www.watchcityfestival.com/what-is-steampunk-1 Is Waltham on the Coast? Well, no, but this is in our extended backyard and there will be "a sea" of interesting subject matter available. See what I just did there? Why Waltham? Waltham is known as the Watch City, having invented the watch, the industrial revolution, and the Internet. Or at least one of those. With Waltham wondering what to do with all those spare antique gears hanging around, and an industrious Steampunk group looking to have a large-scale festival, the two got together and created this first-ever international steampunk city. There may also have been a revived time machine involved. What can I expect to see? You will [hopefully] see the world's best steampunk enthusiasts put together a veritable schmorgasbord of photographic goodies Google/Bing/Duck-Duck the term "steampunk" for more. Where shall we meet? Events in the city get rolling at 10AM. Those who are coming from afar and want to gather early should meet at or before 9AM at the Cafe on the Common - easy to grab a cup o' Joe and nosh. [map and directions to Cafe on the Common (http://binged.it/1ImLCIX)] From thereon, you'll want to head to what you fancy. There are plenty of suggestions on the Watch City Steampunk page. See the link at the end of this post. I'll suggest a lunch meeting spot before the event. Where can I find out more? Nowhere at the moment, but keep checking this website - https://www.watchcityfestival.com/ as more information is added.

Halibut Point Rockport
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

It's great later in the day and toward sunset. I'm not sure about current status for remaining in park until sunset. Then there is an issue about ordering clouds ;-) Admission had been about $4.00 not certain of current. Web says open 'til 8PM through Labor Day

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