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Welcome to the meetup page/ calendar for the Grand Junction chapter (https://casgjchapter.wildapricot.org/) of the 80+ year old Colorado Archaeological Society. This site we use mostly for the calendar function. To learn more about our chapter &/or to become a dues-paying member please visit http://www.cas-gj.org .

We are one of 11 local chapters of the Colorado Archaeological Society (http://www.coloradoarchaeology.org/)(CAS).

Our location in western Colorado, just minutes from the Utah state line, puts us in the center of a 13,000-year-old American Indian habitation 'dig' site, rock art and ruins of many ages, history, culture and remnants of the old west, many phases of mining from silver and gold to uranium.

Along with all this to see, study and help preserve, we have access to private company, government and academic archaeologists to give monthly presentations. Among our members, many have the desire to share what they know in the form of frequent field trips.

With a past president of our chapter working as a librarian, it might be easy to guess that we have a Book Club. This is an informal group that meets most months at a downtown bookstore to discuss a book of arcaeological signifigance. We have occasionally been able to have the author join us for the book discussion.

You need to be a dues-paying member of our chapter to participate in field trips. Click this link (https://casgjchapter.wildapricot.org/join)to reach our membership page where you can join online or print a membership form and join that way. Once you are a member you are welcome to join the meetup group where our field trips are listed. "CAS-GJ Chapter Members" can be found at: https://www.meetup.com/CAS-GJ-Chapter-Members/

We look forward to seeing you soon at a meeting, book club or a field trip.

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CAS-GJ Board Meeting - board members, volunteers & general membership invited

CAS-GJ Board meetings are open to anyone interested in archaeology in western Colorado and the adjacent states. Our 'board' is made up of volunteers who have agreed to take on various tasks to help the chapter run smoothly. You are invited and encouraged to attend these meetings and find an active role for yourself in the success of our chapter. Please give a little of your time to help our chapter to continue to be such a rousing success. If you have questions about how you can be involved/help or want to chat about what you have to add, feel welcome to attend a board meeting or contact any of the board members. • Doug Van Etten - President[masked] • Geoff Peterson - Vice President & PAAC coordinator[masked] • Gayle Smith - Secretary[masked] • Janice Shepherd - Treasurer & BLM-GJ Liaison[masked] • Ed VanderTook - Director-at-large & CAS Representative • Lorna Reed - Director-at-large & Librarian, Show & Tell Coordinator ***%********#********?***********+*******@*** Meanwhile ... if you want something discussed by the Board please let a board member know at least a week before the meeting. Feel welcome to attend board meetings: if you have an issue, a question &/or an interest in helping make the chapter successful Among other topics we may be discussing: ** Continued discussion of dues & membership categories CAS state board wants to make; Do you read Southwest Lore? Do you care if you receive it as mail or email? State wants to raise dues but does not know why? ** Prepare what we want said at CAS state quarterly board meeting & October 14 CAS state board retreat ** Reports from recent field trips ** Future one-day or multiple day field trips ** Followup from the September membership meeting ** Preparation for October 14 membership meeting ** How can/should (?) we encourage our membership to attend annual conference in Pueblo? ** Election discussion. All officers elected at November meeting ** What do we want to do for special December/ holiday season meeting? ** What do we want the future of CAS-GJ to look like? ^^ What are we doing we should continue to do? ^^ What are we doing we should stop doing? ^^ What are we not doing that we should be doing? ^^ What are we not doing that we should never do? All chapter members are invited &/or encouraged to attend. You are encouraged to attend to discuss upcoming leadership elections at the November 11th general meeting. We need volunteers to help fill leadership positions. If you would like to learn about serving on the CAS-GJ board,please feel welcome to contact any of the current board members.

CAS-GJ Book Club - Archaeology of Clear Creek Canyon by Joel C. Janetski

Meet with the CAS-GJ Book Club to discuss Archaeology of Clear Creek Canyon by Joel. C. Janetski. It will be a great chance to read about archaeology, anthropology, history - and then have a chance to discuss what we learned. Below is a review of the book. In the mid 1980s the Office of Public Archaeology excavated a series of sites in Clear Creek Canyon in central Utah in advance of I-70 construction. A tip by a local resident resulted in the discovery and subsequent complete excavation of a massive Fremont Village, later labeled Five Finger Ridge. In addition, excavators sampled or fully excavated a series of shelters and other residential Fremont sites in the canyon. The abundance of new data and rich artifact yield led directly to the establishment of Fremont Indian State Park across the canyon. This book relates the history of this work and presents the findings of the research. We'll see you then! *************** If you're thinking to yourself, "I'd like to attend but I'm not sure if I can read the book by the time we meet", don't worry. Everyone is welcome regardless of how much you have read. At the book club meeting we will also discuss future books for the reading list. You need not be a paid member of CAS-GJ to attend the Book Club. **** Please be aware that since we are using the bookstore after regular closing time, it would be very nice if each of us would buy something in the store; even if it just a window decal.****

Lecture on Traditional Navajo Weaving with Lynda Teller Pete

Redlands United Methodist Church

Tonight we welcome. . . Renowned Navajo weaver, Lynda Teller Pete Along with her weaving, Lynda collaborates with museums, schools, guilds and other art venues to educate the public about Navajo weaving, the history, and the current state of marketing and the preservation of weaving traditions. Lynda has lectured and exhibited her rugs throughout the United States. She has won numerous awards for her weaving and has published seven books about weaving and the Navajo way of life. In 2017 Lynda joined with three authors on the book, Navajo Textiles: The Crane Collection at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Tonight's speaker and her sister Barbara are currently working on a book on Navajo weavers, interviewing their family members and a cross section of weavers, master level, elders, mid-career, male weavers, beginning weavers and weavers on and off the Navajo Nation, part-time and full-time weavers in all age groups. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Regular CAS-GJ meetings are FREE and OPEN to the PUBLIC. Our membership includes students, those who cannot even keep all the vowels straight in the word A-r-c-h-A-E-O-l-O-g-Y, as well as academics and professionals. The church has asked us to give a 'DONATION' in lieu of a fixed amount of payment for use of the room so please bring and give a few dollars each to thank them for the generous use of the meeting room. Joining CAS-GJ, as we refer to ourselves, entitles you to membership in both our chapter and the statewide Colorado Archaeological Society (CAS).That membership also gets delivered to your mailbox the state's publication, Southwestern Lore.. Anyone is welcome to register on this page to keep track of our chapter activities; however . . . To participate in field trips you must be a paid member of this CAS chapter. For our calendar of field trips visit our 'member' meetup.com website at https://www.meetup.com/CAS-GJ-Chapter-Members/ Our general webpage is online at www.cas-gj.org for a wealth of information about archaeology in general and our chapter specifically. There are numerous links on this site that can take you to a membership or renewal application. BOARD MEMBERS (next election November 11,2019) President Doug Van Etten[masked] [masked] Vice President Geoff Peterson[masked] [masked] Secretary Gayle Smith[masked] [masked] Treasurer/ Membership Janice Shepherd[masked] [masked] At-large & CAS Representative Ed VanderTook[masked] [masked] At-large & Chapter Librarian Lorna Reed[masked] [masked]

Dr. John Seebach CMU professor of Archaeology- New and amazing archao research

Redlands United Methodist Church

• What we'll do CMU professor, Dr. John Seebach, will give us an update on the latest and most cutting-edge research and findings in the field of palaeo-Indian archaeology. • What to bring • Important to know

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