Lecture on Traditional Navajo Weaving with Lynda Teller Pete

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Tonight we welcome. . .
Renowned Navajo weaver, Lynda Teller Pete

Along with her weaving, Lynda collaborates with museums, schools, guilds and other art venues to educate the public about Navajo weaving, the history, and the current state of marketing and the preservation of weaving traditions.

Lynda has lectured and exhibited her rugs throughout the United States. She has won numerous awards for her weaving and has published seven books about weaving and the Navajo way of life.

In 2017 Lynda joined with three authors on the book,
Navajo Textiles: The Crane Collection
at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

Tonight's speaker and her sister Barbara are currently working on a book on Navajo weavers, interviewing their family members and a cross section of weavers, master level, elders, mid-career, male weavers, beginning weavers and weavers on and off the Navajo Nation, part-time and full-time weavers in all age groups.

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