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What we’re about

Welcome to Prestige Business Club in Calgary. Our Club is for successful entrepreneurs, investors and business owners, who is looking to improve sales, net revenue, mastermind with successful people and improve CASHFLOW.

Our primary goal - is all about CASHFLOW. So you can enjoy your life and your family without working hard.

For those who don’t know what is CASHFLOW:
Real CASHFLOW is the income stream that coming to your pocket, every day, every week, every month and every year after paying all your expense. Your NET income. Most business owners focusing on a GROSS income and most of the time don’t have CASHFLOW, so they have to work even harder to keep up with the expenses. This group is EXCLUSIVE group and NOT for everyone. This is invite ONLY and you have to be approved.


If you falls in one of the categories of the following, we welcome you to join our club to help you achieve your BUSINESS GOALS and improve your CASHFLOW:

a) You are currently making excellent income but would like to increase your income and bring your business to the next level.

b) You own your own business and you are looking for help/mentorship/connections to grow and move to the top.

b) You own your business (or several businesses) in the past and you want to exit your business, and have a fresh start or look for alternative ways to increase your cashflow.

c) You are an investor/entrepreneurs looking for collaboration and investment opportunities.

If the above items describe you perfectly you can keep reading.
We are 180 degrees different from other Meetups, Seminars, group gatherings and such that you used to come to:

At you will be exposed to a REAL successful people and entrepreneurs where you can get the BEST strategies, tools and mentorship that allow you to increase your cashflow and move to the top.

It is NOTHING LIKE any other meetups.
Cashflow Business Club - what we are all about...

a) Events are held at the The Ranchman's Club (, the most prestigious private club in Calgary, AB. And we host our events here for A REASON.
Since 1891, the millionaires and billionaires of the city have been meeting and doing business to bring value to a Calgary community. Inside the club walls many of Calgary’s business decisions were made. The sophisticated, upscale high end environment of the club is to inspire Excellence, professionalism in business person.
The Ranchman's Club is exclusive MEMBERS ONLY club and not for general public. But management team of the are respected members of the club.
PLEASE NOTE: There is a business attire dress code at the Club is designed to establish and maintain a high professional standard for all members and guests. It is strictly enforced (
b) We don’t sell seminars or some sort of "get rich quick home study courses”. All of us are business owners and provide quality value to a quality people. 
c) We are well establish group that doing it since 2013. Currently we have 600+ members and growing, we don’t advertise and growing organically due to value content is being provided. We host events every month and we have people on a waiting list.
d) Our famous annual BBQ event and SUCCESS parties (including House Boat parties) are designed for deep and quality connections.
Before joining the group, make sure you UNDERSTAND that is NOT FOR YOU if you are:
a) selling anything home business opportunities, Multi-level marketing (MLMs) or anything illegal, unethical or dishonourable business of any sort.
b) “wanna be” entrepreneur but have not done anything to build/start your own business. We are advanced group, and we provide help/mentorship for people who already tried on their own, but didn’t get results they want. There are many different groups available to better serve your needs
c) egocentric, unable to keep your word, always complaining and have negative attitude in life and business. NO NEGATIVITY ALLOWED in our club.
d) unable to comply with club rules, policies, dress code etc. You will be banned to come to our events.
We are VERY selective of our members, charging a premium to attend our events, doing business with and help mastermind and grow your business, BUT we do it only for the reason that YOU can benefit from it. Once you’re approved, you will see the power and your business will increase, so will your CASHFLOW.
To become a member, click the "JOIN US" button and complete your questionnaire.
If you are not a good fit, we will politely decline your access to our events.
If approved, you will receive welcome message with upcoming event details.

For your success,

Alexey, Konstantin, Mike and the team!