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What is CAM: Community Association Masterminds?

This is a face-to-face and online forum for managers, board members and professionals working for community associations; HOAs, ROAs, condominiums and the like. This Meetup group works with a spirit of mutual support and advocacy, with the goal that our collective experience we’ll help each other succeed.

It relies very much on that old adage: "You get what you put into it."

The results you're looking for with this group are most attainable through your attendance at our events. CAM serves as a networking platform for managers, board members and professionals so they may cultivate strategic partnerships that are so vital to their success in their jobs.

If you're part of community association management, you've come to the right place!

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In addition to their own background and experience, the founders of this Meetup borrow some of the parts and philosophy from a model followed by Biznik, a Seattle-based platform for "soloprenuers" from a few years ago.

This group helps small business in three primary ways:

• Discussions....on the group page, there is a discussion platform to interface on matters pertaining to small business. Please feel free to engage the group with discussions on this Meetup page.

• Meetup events....the group will be scheduling regular Meetup events, which we want to see take place on a monthly basis.

• Online promotion of your business....one of the benefits of attending SB2B Masterminds is promotion of your business through the Twitter community.* As time goes on and we get more familiar with our businesses, more opportunities for helping to promote and advocate for one another will be explored.

When we meet, participants are expected to bring 3 things to a session:

1. What is working? One thing currently working REALLY WELL in your business activities.

2. What do you need? One thing you NEED HELP ON, are struggling with, or want the group to brainstorm on.

3. One RESOURCE....such as a blog, podcast or service you believe others in the group would appreciate knowing about.

The plan is to have monthly meetings for this group, possibly rotating to various locations around the Seattle area, so we're open to suggestions for good meeting spaces. We look forward to meeting with you and engaging in great sessions!

* Involves "tweets" from @SB2Bmasterminds. This requires membership to this Meetup group, in addition to registered SB2B Mastermind event attendees having a Twitter account linked to their Meetup profile. Please connect with @SB2Bmasterminds on Twitter to become part of the gang!

Please note: what SB2B Mastermind is NOT.

SB2B Mastermind is not a forum for sales of business services, recruiting into direct selling for businesses, or solely for the purpose of gaining customers. The goal is not to exchange leads, but to share expertise so that others do not reinvent the wheel. This Meetup is designed for discussion purposes only, in the spirit of mutual support and advocacy between each member of the group.

Keep in mind that by attending events and actively participating in this group the way it is intended; by default you will be promoting your business interests. After your attendance at these events, your business will be promoted with a "tweet" to help bolster its online presence.*

Signing up

When you proceed to sign up, you will be asked a couple questions about your small business involvement and given an opportunity to introduce yourself. Please be aware that you need to have a connection to small business to be part of the group.

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