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The world has become curious about Cannabis and Hemp once again. If you live in Colorado, chances are, many aspects of the industry affect your life whether you realize it or not. This group however, is not for lazy stoners who want to surf the couch of life. This is a group of people from all backgrounds and walks of life that are Curious about the Benefits and Features of one of the most powerful plants on the planet, Cannabis.

We will will be exploring Cannabis, Medical Marijuana, and Hemp, Historically, Spiritually/Emotionally, Medically/Physically, Financially, Scientifically/Technologically. With guest presenters and a variety of Top-shelf Information each Meetup will be geared to offer something to the rookie, advocate, and seasoned evangelist alike.

Cannabis and Hemp can be used in over 50,000 products worldwide and we all have an Endocannabinoid System so if you are trying to avoid pain and attain pleasure along life's journey, delve into your Cannabis Curiosity, join the conversation, get involved, and discover what a healthy Cannabis Curiosity can do for you!


CBD Ministry est. 2015

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Sacred Cannabis Ceremony

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Free Cannabis Industry Opportunity Call: Investments & Insurance Information...

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Sacred Cannabis Ceremony

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