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Are you a BUSINESS OWNER or an EXPERT of an industry? Are you SHY and wanting to GAIN MORE CONFIDENCE? Or perhaps you just want to IMPROVE your SPEECH and PRESENTATION in front of a group of people?

The purpose of this group is to fulfill all the above and much much more.
The base lies on the policy of "no one gets left behind." To be accepted and remain a member of the "succSEEDing Community", you must be passionate in encouraging others to speak, share, and gain confidence while doing it.

GENERALLY, "SuccSEEDing Community" IS FOR:
1) Business Owners, CEOs, and Industry Experts/Specialists that wish to gain more confidence in their speech, presentation, and business itself.
2) Learn from others within the community about their industry, know-hows, and strategies for you to start implementing to your business.
3) Giving TONS of referrals to each "SuccSEEDing Community" members. Read below for more information.
(* We will go through the list of members once/week in order, and everyone will get a chance to be the "Hot Business" for an entire week. When you are the "Hot Business", all other members are highly encouraged to mention the "Hot Business's" Business to others, outside the community, with intentions to bring the "Hot Business" new clients/customers.
Thus the more members we have, the higher the chances are for you to get flooded with new customers and clients for your business!)

If you are a SHY business owner and want to break out of that shell by challenging yourself to speak in front of a group of similarly SHY yet ENCOURAGING, WARM, UNDERSTANDING people, this is 200% for you.

In addition, it will be a big advantage if you are wanting more customers or clients.
If you want a more stable revenue from your business.
If you are a leader of a start-up and would appreciate feedback from other business owners with similar experiences.

If you think this group will help you in any way, make sure you let me know!
My name is James and I am truly looking forward to hearing from you!

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