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Exhausted trying to please God? Feel like crying 'cuz it's so hard? Afraid to die? Questioning your beliefs? Questioning your church? Questioning prayer's validity? Sense that something's not right? God seems distant but Why? Ashamed to visit the pastor (AGAIN)? Thinking about leaving? And what is "Spiritual Awakening" really? We are The Spiritual Misfits and we discuss the deeper Journey and the devastation of Letting Go. C'mon... It's okay... Join us... Let's do this!

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Clayton Way

We are Covid Conscious and practice social distancing in a comfortable large circle with our masks within reach for closer interaction. So, what exactly is Salvation and what are we actually "Saved" from? Why is Life so Mysterious? Why does it seem like we are playing a game? Why are we here? Who's really in charge? God? Jesus? Krishna? Higher Self? Maybe something else? What about the Aliens? Are they Real? Are they Angels, Demons, or otherwise? What do they want from us? This group discusses all of the above and we have some pretty sharp minds. All are welcome, so Join us for the next Meetup.

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