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Exhausted trying to please God? Feel like crying 'cuz it's so hard? Afraid to die? Questioning your beliefs? Questioning your church? Questioning prayer's validity? Sense that something's not right? God seems distant but Why? Ashamed to visit the pastor (AGAIN)? What is real "Awakening"? There ARE sensible answers. We discuss deeper Spirituality here, and the devastation of Letting Go. C'mon... Let's do this!

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REINCARNATION - True or False?

Just outside Peet's coffee.

If we didn't Choose to be born, then God is a Jigsaw Madman willing us into being only to play "Be perfect or Die!" What do YOU think? And if we Did choose to exist, why would we do it again? And what is Salvation really all about? Are we saved from Death by someone's altruistic act, or is it deeper than that? Is Life a "gift" or is it an insidious Platonic "cave"? Join in and share your thoughts.

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Angels, Demons, Ghosts, and Earth-bound Spirits

Just outside Peet's coffee.

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