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Exhausted trying to please God? Feel like crying 'cuz it's so hard? Afraid to die? Questioning your beliefs? Questioning your church? Questioning prayer's validity? Sense that something's not right? God seems distant but Why? Ashamed to visit the pastor (AGAIN)? Thinking about leaving? And what is "Spiritual Awakening" really? We are The Spiritual Misfits and we discuss the deeper Journey and the devastation of Letting Go. C'mon... It's okay... Join us... Let's do this!

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LOGIC - Cracking the TRUTH Code - Part2

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ZOOM MEET: In our last "Logic and Truth" MEET, we discussed Myth (the harbinger of Religion) and that original Truth was actually lost once religion took hold. We also talked about the unfolding of history from the Fertile Crescent and the Indus Valley outward, and how over time mankind has been seemingly "led" by way of the combination of social evolution and inevitability. Specifically, we discussed early man, the gradual unfolding of what we basically are as human beings and what life is really all about... from hunter-gatherers to thinking and resoning beings, and then into the New World of Alexander the Great who connected culture, mind, and business the way we understand it today. We also touched on the eras of post-Alexandrian history and how the combination of the Church and the evolving of modern man are defined by those eras.

Now we will be constantly reviewing all of the above as we go forward, but be clear about one thing -- Absolute Truth DOES exist, but it is largely muddled and mangled within the "jungle" of history and human presumption. Our task as Seekers is to fish this Truth out and once it's out - Hang on tight, because everbody and their mother is going to try and tell you their own diluded subjective Opinion; making Truth no Truth at all but a giant ambiguous mess of ostensible "non Truth".

This MEETUP is progressive in the sense that we are rapidly working our way through history, but we won't bite if you ask us to please back up a little --- History moves... but Truth does not! So, come and join us for Part 2.

In this section we will be talking more about Symbol, Metaphor, and Parable, and how vital these are to finding the Truth we seek. We will also be referencing science, philosophy, metaphysics, and other related topics in order to un-earth what we know is NOT so lost that it cant be found. After all, if Truth is truly lost, the "God" must be a lunatic!

This MEETUP is coming up fast so sign up Now! This is a ZOOM MEETING so watch for the link --- Hugs n Harmony

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