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Hatched: The Capital District Inventors and Entrepreneurs Meetup

Have a Product or Project Idea? Hatch it at the Center of Gravity.

Join us the first Thursday of each month to connect with other creative souls, product developers, inventors, patent attorneys and more who are interested in entrepreneurship, intellectual property, and bringing ideas to life. Our goal is to help inventors and entrepreneurs navigate the business world.

SHARING NIGHTS: Share your project’s current status, get and give feedback, explore next steps, connect with potential team members.

SPEAKER NIGHTS: Once a quarter we'll host a speaker who will share their experiences and lessons learned from their entrepreneurial journey, followed by Q&A and discussion.

We'll also share other events that may be of interest to this community.

This meetup is organized by The Tech Valley Center of Gravity. We are a makerspace, prototyping center, manufacturing incubator, STEAM-education center and creative community located in the heart of downtown Troy, New York. A member-supported 501(c)(3) community resource organization, the Center of Gravity serves members from Albany, Columbia, Rensselaer, Saratoga and Schenectady counties and beyond with space, tools, technology and expertise to explore and exercise their creativity, turn ideas into objects of art and/or utility, and launch new ventures based on their own ingenuity.

TVCOG Members: Free

Non-Members: Suggested Donation $5.00 at www.tvcog.net/donate (http://www.tvcog.net/donate?fbclid=IwAR2TnXgxZK7CL5ju7yldXHrAt_ZTL-DS-qDKVMq8fc3Sexo-L0GWX1oxRlM)


Sam Wechsler is an inventor and product developer, with a background in electrical engineering.

Cheryl Kennedy is the Executive Director of the TVCoG.

Michael Lobsinger is the Senior VP of Business Growth Solutions at the Center for Economic Growth, and the TVCoG’s Board Chair.

Dan Falkenstrom is the Facilities & Incubator Director at the TVCoG. He has a background in manufacturing engineering.

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Protecting Rainbow Loom - Theodore W. Olds

Online event

Theodore W. Olds and John Siragusa of Carlson, Gaskey & Olds will be speaking about protecting a fad product. In 2010 an independent inventor, Choon Ng, invented the Rainbow Loom, a loom for making rubber band bracelets. In 2013 and 2014 the Rainbow Loom was perhaps the hottest toy in the World.


Counterfeits and various types of infringements flooded the US, Europe and Asia. Ted and John headed up the team charged with stopping these actions. They will explain what worked and what did not work to address this problem. Also, they will cover steps that were taken early so that Rainbow Loom had the tools to limit the counterfeits and infringements. Rainbow Loom enjoyed the success every independent inventors dreams about, and this is the story of the headaches that can come with that success, and how to minimize them.

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UIA Event - Creating Wristruments - Joe Corcoran

Online event

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