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WELCOME TO OUR OVER 11 YEARS ALL ADULT RECREATION CLUB--Yes That Is Right!! Lea and Mark have hung in there for 11 years managing the best and the greatest Adult Rec Clubs for 100 Miles in Florida!

PLEASE NOTE: This Club Will Host Events In CENTRAL FLORIDA: Orange County, Lake County, Polk County. A few events and activities in Marion and Volusia Counties off and on with some changes that will occur in 2021.

FULL SAFETY & SECURITY: We care about You And All Member's Safety since Day One. We do NOT allow unwanted Solicitation, No Selling, No Unwanted Messages, No Predators, Nor Any Scams or Spam since we have been On Top Of Any Issues immediately and have operated Privately for Over Years!

We wear Masks At All Events. We limit our Events 6-7 Attendees to remain safe with Physical Distancing. We dine at restaurants after event activities...But we do Not try to have the biggest # of attendees we can Find...as do most other Meetup Groups Here...On-line...who are not practicing Safety.

MOST CITIES WE ATTEND EVENTS: Winter Park, Winter Garden, Winter Springs, Apopka, Orlando, Windermere. Altamonte Springs, Oakland, Sandford. Lake Alfred, Auburndale. Fruitland Park, Eustis, Mt. Dora, Lake Mary, Tavares, Clermont. Ocala, Weirsdale, Silver Springs, Winter Haven. Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach.

TWO OTHER CLUBS: We have 1 Other Adult Recreation Club that hosts events In: Alachua, Marion, and St Johns County year round. We also have 1 Other Adult Recreation Club that hosts events In: Volusia and Flagler Counties year round. Contact Lea if you have any questions about these clubs...904-829-0643.

Please know that this Central Florida Club travels around for events to meet the needs of all Central Florida residents who Join Us, Attend Our Events, Know Our Members, and those Who Have Great Times at our Club's events Monthly.

If you like to travel some and have a friend or 2...or know our Members who like to Carpool...We Are The Adult Recreation Club For You! Most people have varying interests and varying schedules. If you didn't know about it...you will Know About It HERE...with Our Club!

FOR OFF-LINE MEMBERSHIP: Please send all your information or questions to Lea at: parrottrader@live.com All there is to it! We also have a Phone # to call us for Questions & Communication...Please Ask. You Do Not Have To Join Our Club ON-Line. Many of our Members Join Through Our Club's Email Address Account Location.

Our Main Hub Club Name: First Coast Florida Lifestyles Newcomers Recreation Club. We like to "travel around" Central Florida for some activity dates each month.

We want to be OPEN to all Central FL Adults who are seeking FUN TIMES WITH LIKE MINDS! We do not concentrate on just "one town or just one county"-FYI. All Counties in Central Florida have much to offer the Public!

NEW BEGINNINGS OPENER: We are posting Brand New Events for December and January right now!

IMPORTANT PROTOCOL: All New Profiles MUST LIVE OR RESIDE In Florida and maintain a permanent Residence Here YEAR ROUND. No Half Timers. No Part Timers. No Public On Vacation. No Snowbirds. No Boat Rovers. No Persons On Short Term Work Assignments, and no military who are deployed. You won't be attending!!

Max. 6-7 Attendees To Each Club Event Through December. We will add attendee #s as the challenging times allow.

We will continue our Playing Cards games again...2 times per month and playing board/table games some time after the month of October such as Rummykub , Bunco and others 1 time per month!

Outdoor Games: We will also add some games outside at Parks such as: Croquet-Organizer has the game. Mini Golf 1 time per year. Beach Bowling. Horse Shoes. Limited to 6 Attendees.

All Members Remain Tuned In RIGHT HERE! So Much More Is Happening Your Way as each day follows!

COVID-19: We Continue "Physical Distancing". We all wear A Mask at all events unless we are eating.

EVENTS: Dinners, Lunches, Boat Rides, Games, Card Playing, Music, Tours, Botanical Gardens, Plays/Musicals are all moving forward here in Florida with reasonably safe people and reasonable security precautions during these challenging times.

MEMBERSHIP: We are bringing in New Profiles To Our Club as long as the Introduction questions are all answered and they remain so. Also, All New Profiles Must Attend Events or the Club Calendar disappears from View of those who are just "Calendar Watchers". We do not furnish On-Line, Here, all the Event Information to attend our events as we are A Private Club. All Necessary Event Information Is Furnished to Those Active Attending Members and those who RSVP Yes To Attend Only.

We have Both...ON-LINE Members for 11 Years And... also several Tried and True OFF-LINE Current Active Attending Members for the past 6 Years!! Our Members come from most all Public Entities and Referrals!


TODAY IS THE BEST DAY TO JOIN AND SHOW UP AT THE LONGEST OPERATING ADULT RECREATION CLUB IN THESE PARTS OF FLORIDA! We Are Here For You and Always moving forward with a wide variety of Monthly Posted Calendar Of Events!!

WHO WE ARE: WELCOME! Our Club is STILL Here! Starting Over Again in 2020 With A Well Respected Seasoned Club...Have Some REAL FUN with NO Drama, NO Chips, NO Drunks, NO Predators, NO Spam, and NO Sales Pitches! We have been here Over 10 Years with Both...Men and Women Members.

Explore the chances of meeting your best friends in this Very Successful Adult Recreation Club in NE Florida To Central Florida! Make us your Re-start...This Year After Covid 19...Fun Activities Club!

After looking around on Meetup here in Central Florida...We have never seen any Groups here doing much at all? Why is that? No Organizer in Central Florida will work 35 hours per week as a Free Volunteer to make a group or Club worth it??? That is just not right. Your Organizers HERE...with our Clubs....work at this Club many hours per week 30-35 hrs...and work hard every day to bring you the BEST!

If you prefer and want VARIETY...this is the Club for you! We have posted Many MORE...THAN JUST "1-2 EVENTS?? PER MONTH" as we see so many other "Groups here ON-LINE doing for many years".

Unlike Us...We Offer a very busy Club atmosphere with at least 10 events posted per month with many activities to choose. At this time, we are still researching those venues that are opening up again with New Activities so our Calendar is not quite a full as usual.

Join, Attend, Meet the Members in an Active Fun Club In Central Florida with a wide and varied # of events EVERY Week! Many many of our Events are Free or nominal charges so that you may attend more often with no concerns!

We are Not just one of those many average Eat & Talk Clubs...Not at all! We are not here to offer you just 2-3 events per month and the SAME OH, SAME OH events or activities over and over again...every week.

We have the SAME Three (3) Organizers Since Day One beginning 2009-2010! Our Members take pride in our private Adult Recreation. Our Long Term Main Hub Club Name: First Coast Florida Lifestyles Newcomers Recreation Club. WE ARE A SMOKE AND DRUG FREE Club.


Please Note That All New Profiles Become A Club Member and attend our Club Events Regularly. Our Club Members provide an E-mail Address, and a Cell phone # and this information is provided to our Club's Private Directory which is only in the hands of our 11 Years Original Organizer-Lea.

Any person wanting to become one of our Club Members does Not...have to place a Profile Here On Meetup's On-Line Company Website To Be One Of Us!! Nor do you have to Post A Photo On-Line. Just state your name, Send A Photo and an Email Address privately to our Club's Members Photo Directory which is only in the hands of our 11 Years Original Organizer-Lea.

We Welcome You Also To The New Wonderful Off-Line Luxury World! We are an Adventure Club! Once a New Profile shows up to one event...they are hooked! All Members return again and again Every...Month. Attendance from Your Profile-Becomes A Member Status-and is what Our Members and Our Club Seeks.

We Are All Florida Home Made Members! Our Club has much strong years of experience and we know the FIT these Clubs must have here in Florida! We will know your profile all year long...on an all around basis.

This Long Term Club, 10 years, has NO No Shows To Our Club's Events! Yes...that is RIGHT! Attendance is THE KEY, # 1, and the ONLY Support that continues and moves these Adult Recreation Clubs always forward in the positive...All Over The US and Abroad! We continue to Advance to other entities to meet great people!

Join Us, Attend Events, and Never Be A No Show...this is The Respectful Members Club and the kind of Members we have and what we continue to seek. If you are not someone who will attend Club Events nor meet our Club Members...This Internet Company Website is definitely NOT YOU! WE ARE NOT A Dating Site.

OUR CLUB HISTORY: We began on Meetup when it first came On-Line. Meetup is no longer the same company. This On-line Internet Company was sold in 2016 and bought by WeWork at that time. Now, having been sold, again, for the 3rd time in March 2020 to Dave Siegel...the company is having a lot of fits and issues!

Nothing is much the same from our beginning: 2009. The Group Fees, for all Groups/Clubs, are now up to $29.99 Per Month to remain on as a group and remain in Public View on this Internet Website. Yes, there is a whopping yearly fee!

WHEN ARE OUR CLUB EVENTS: We have Events During The Week, During The Daytime, During The Evenings, and During The Weekends...we cover all the times that YOU are available! ANY TIME! We Have Hit Over 2,000+ Events!! We are a busy Club and we plan to remain so for those who enjoy going, doing, and not sitting home...or alone! If this is You...we want you to be a part of the Team Club!

+++++PLEASE NOTE: All Club Calendar Of Events Are "Member Private" and to Regularly Attending Members Only. All Guests Must Be Adults-and at least 21+ to attend with You at our Club Activities. Please send a message and their first name to the Organizer prior to attending a Club Event. Thank you!

EVENTS-CALENDAR OF ACTIVITIES: Play Cards With Lunch and/or evening dinners-various restaurants, Cafes and Coffee Shops. Dinner/Trivia Evenings, Rummykub, Croquet, Bocci Ball, Beach bowl, and a variety of Games And Special Events.

Tours, Beach activities, Special Holiday Events. Outdoor Events: Beach, Walks, Tubing, Kayak, Boat Excursions. Music Concerts. Musicals, Plays, Shows. All kinds of Bands & Music: 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s. Classical, Chamber, Jazz, Blues, Rock, New Orleans Cajun, Rockabilly. Professional Choir, Chorus, Chorales, and Much Much More. Historical Tours, Guided Tours, Archaeology, and Preservation.

Explore the chances of meeting your best friends in this Longest Running Adult Recreation Club! Longest Mixed Social Recreation Club For Both...men and women for 90 Miles.

Your Club Organizers-Lea, Mark, Sandie

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