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Welcome to the CENTRAL OREGON HAPPY CAMPER ADVENTURES! Do you have an RV, Camper, or simply love to travel and explore nature and the outdoors? Whether single or married, do you want to share your explorations with others where you might hesitate to go alone? Then I hope you will join us on a variety of near and far trips with activities to include hiking, mountain and beach adventures, backpacking, paddling, skiing, snowshoeing, area events, road and mtn biking, photography events, spiritual/yoga events, campfires with game nights, concerts, State & National Park areas..., all while camping in our beautiful wilderness. MANY TRIPS DO NOT REQUIRE RV as there are locations we visit that offer cabins, tent areas, or lodge rooms. Usually many options are available.

Campers are asked to attend the first night's dinner and campfire together to enable meeting fellow campers of like interests and the exchange of plans for the campout. The other requirement is the last morning's breakfast together to review the trip and share a last meal. Otherwise, nightly campfires will be held to enable camper connections and a review of the day.

While at our home base in Central OR, we get together for concerts, paddling, dinners, nearby campfires and other fun as well. You are encourage to suggest outings for review!

Well behaved pets are welcome but firearms are not. This is a nonsmoking group. You will be responsible for your own trip costs and gear. If you have a guest that would like to join a meetup, please have them join the group so they can do so😊.

EVERYONE must post a clear photo of themselves in their profiles for recognition and safety. Thanks for your understanding.

If you enjoy the spiritual benefits of outdoor adventures and wish to share them with friends, please join us! It can be a great way to share your knowledge of camping with 'newbies' as well. Our trips will range from weekend local social camps, out of state adventures, or possibly renting a house in an area of interest where camping is not suitable. Depending on the interest, options are limitless with so much to explore!

We will gather for adventures in winter whenever possible as well!

PARTICIPATE AT YOUR OWN RISK; Central Oregon Happy Campers organizers are volunteers. We come prepared to share time with you on a camp out but assume no liability for your safety getting to or from the trail-heads, hikes, or any other activities you choose to partake in on your trip. In case of accident, illness, or other incapacity,campers must pay for their own medical and/or evacuation and other expenses incurred, whether or not the camper has specifically authorized them.
In return for being allowed to participate in camp outs or any other activities shared with Central Oregon Happy Camper Adventures, as part of my agreement to become a member, I and my executors, successors, and assigns agree that under no circumstance will a claim be made for negligence or gross negligence, for any damages for personal injury, property damage or loss, wrongful death, or any other injury or loss incurred during or arising out of participation in any Happy Camper activities. No claims will be made against the Happy Campers Organizers, its members,meetup leaders, officers, agents and sponsors. I acknowledge that all outdoor activities are inherently dangerous and fully realize the dangers of participating in any event on a camping trip or meetup. I acknowledge that some events can be extraordinarily challenging and that I am in sound medical condition capable of participating in meetups without risk to myself or others. I further understand and agree that for my personal safety. I will operate myself safely, legally, and courteously in any Happy Campers event during a meetup. Refusal of any of these requirements effectively results in immediate termination of your membership in the group. Anyone not agreeing in this release of Claims may not participate in Happy Campers activities and should not sign up to be a member. Your action of joining as a member essentially stands for your acceptance to these rules.

Let's inspire one another from our own unique experiences. If you enjoy exploring while camping, come make new friendships and connections with CO Happy Campers!


Upcoming events (4)

Canyon Creek Camp out

Canyon Creek Campground

Come camp along the Metolius in a remote, peaceful setting. Lots of road and mountain biking around Camp Sherman area. Gravel rides are an option as well as hikes along the rivers or Black Butte.
These days are BEFORE opening day....first come - first served.

There are seven spots in campground along with several just outside along the river. Tents can share RV spots as they are very large. Restroom is open and stocked as it is near the trailhead for Metolius River Hike.

Sign up early for our kick off campout!

Suttle Lake Campout

Suttle Lake

Join us for a nearby campout of hiking, biking, kayaking, SUP paddling and relaxing along shores of Suttle Lake. There are 6 people allowed per site so a possibility of sharing sites if you cannot find one.
I have reserved site #9 at South Shore Camprgound.

Reserve your spot at:

Be sure to get in SOUTH SHORE Campground. SITES ARE GOING FAST.

Suttle Lake has a nearby Lodge with restaurant, 3.5 mile trail around it great for hiking or biking, and nearby lakes and trails to explore. It is an easy mountain bike ride along the Lake Trail to Camp Sherman store for an ice cream and return thru the wildflowers coming back, perhaps stopping in the newer Metolius Preserve Trails.

Bring your Kayaks, SUP, mtn & road bikes, paddleboards and extra firewood to share. We will meet at my campsite the first night to discuss the upcoming activities.

Lodge may have happenings during this time as well as their restaurant open. Cell service is usually good at South Shore.
Ck in at.... http://www.thesuttlelodge.com


Tom's Rest Retreat Center

Come celebrate the holiday in the open spaces of Tom's Rest. Share in the BBQ and campfire, walk the labyrinth, sing along to the music, hike the butte, roast those smores, and set up a tent or RV for the night. You have acres to roam surrounded by county land. We will restrict to the first 20 people per Meetup Group. If you wish to spend the night, please let me know. I have Lots of space depending on size of RV and plenty of tent space. Your RV will be self contained, but I do have a dump station and water.
I would bring your mountain bikes For a short ride in the canyon, Hiking shoes for a climb up the Butte, any outdoor games you might have,
It will be a day of Activities and sitting by the fire and sharing dinner and possibly Camping for those that wish to stay. We will share morning breakfast on Monday for those that do.
If you play any INSTRUMENTS, be sure to bring them for the evening around the campfire....


Everyone will bring the MAIN COURSE they will be cooking either on the campfire, my grill, or their own RV/Grill and their own DRINKS. We each will bring a side to share with everyone for dinner (MARK YOUR PLATES & UTENSILS TO TAKE HOME). We will have a table set up for during the day SNACK/LUNCH AREA everyone can contribute to while spending the day in activity and visiting. Some ideas are Veggie plates, fruit plates, cheese/cracker plates, watermelon, cookies, meat trays, etc... COOLERS for drinks can be under tables, in camp areas, etc.... BRING FOLDING CHAIRS, marked with your names.

I will provide paper plates, silverware and napkins, tableclothed tables, and some chairs. I will have trash cans located around the areas....Please use them for all your discards to help keep the area free from food for our plentiful wildlife. If your are camping, please pack in and out of your area.

We will abide by any Covid requirements, but hoping by this time, all shots are received and things are relaxed enough.

I will contact attendees closer to the date. Looking forward to finally being together!

WESTFIR/OAKRIDGE CAMPOUT w/nearby Indoor Lodging

Casey's Riverside RV Park

Hello Campers! Starting to make 2021 reservations now that things are opening up. This area is beautiful. We will plan a trip (drive or bike) to Salt Creek Falls, second highest in Oregon. We will be open to mountain biking the gorgeous trails of Oakridge with shuttles or rafting the river with guides and shuttles as well. Kayak Hills Creek Reservoir or gravel bike around the lake. There are also great hiking trails in the area.
You can join adventures with others, or relax at your campsite near the river. Totally up to you. We plan this so you have options!

The campground has many amenities and I chose a time with most avilability but SITES ARE GOING FAST. They have a $15 cancellation fee so I would book soon if you 'remotely' feel you may attend this.

If you are a road biker, Aufderheide Road out of Westfir through the historical bridge and beyond is a must!

I have reserved site #33 along the Willamette River that travels along side the campground. I am there Sunday till Thursday morning, but you can join any or all days you wish.
I would just reserve the time you hope to get and cancel or adjust closer to the date. But do so now....I highly doubt there will be much open soon.

Covid aside, we can hopefully share adventures and night time campfires/dinners to review and plan for the next day.

You can also call the campground directly.

We will meet at my campsite for dinner the first night to plan our days.
Hope you can join us!!

NOTE: NO TENTS or camp trailers without self sufficiency are allowed. If in doubt regarding your RV, ask when you call. You can also pull up my location google map and see many other campgrouds in the area to reserve along Hwy 58 if you wish to tent or have other accomodations.
Nearby Oakridge offers indoor lodging as well if you do not have Camping equipment.

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