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CEO Space Utah is our local club for CEO Space International, "A New Kind of Trade Show" that speeds up everything for entrepreneurs and businesses. We host local events that are attended by both CEO Space lifetime members and guests. Members are encouraged to create special member only events to support each other.

Our CEO Space Utah Team

Sandra Fan, Club President

Steve Weisenburger, Club President

Byron Chappell, Regional Director in Southern Utah

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Please call 801-580-9041 or email to learn more.


Typical trade shows are about gathering as many business cards as you can, only to be frustrated when most of them turn out to be dead ends. CEO Space is a new kind of trade show that uses meals as a superior lead generation strategy to the old outdated booth-based model. This simple shift pays off massively.

Make Superior Contacts | Build Relationships

Rather than turn cartwheels to pull marginally motivated prospects into your typical trade show booth, at CEO Space you create a wealth of genuine connections instead of a stack of low-yield business cards. CEO Space trade shows (called Forums) are designed to maximize your chances of having already started doing business with the right people before you leave. This relationship-building is the real key to opening wide the doors to business hyper-growth and sustainable profit.

"I Connect"
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CEO Space members seek a wide variety of leads based on what their business will most benefit from securing next. Whether it is customers, manufacturers, distribution pipelines, team members, investors, or something else, fellow CEO Space members are the solution you seek or are only a degree or two of separation away. At CEO Space Forum meals, members provide special See Me appointment cards as they discover that they are who a fellow member is looking for next or they know someone who might be.

Abandoning booths for meals creates a massive leap in highly productive lead generation. Replacing booths and business cards with meals and See Me cards commonly enables members to gain more clients in one week than might otherwise occur in months or even a year. This also enables members to more rapidly connect with the right business building resources than perhaps anything else available in the business world.

Have Meetings | Give Presentations | Receive Coaching

Between your Forum meals you meet with those who gave you See Me cards. You also have the option of doing up to three sets of group presentations in the evenings, typically at 9:00 p.m., 10:00 p.m., and 11:00 p.m. That is three sets of business or investor presentations, for a week at a time, five times a year.

"Coaching That Changes Business...and Lives"
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That is in addition to your individual meetings with fellow members and your consultations with our expert college of instructors and mentors. (During Forum weeks these consultations are part of your membership—there is no additional charge.) In addition, CEO Space Forums are designed so that it is possible for you to remotely run your existing business during the day, between your meetings.

Attend Extensive Training | Acquire Continuing Education Credits

On top of that, CEO Space Forums include an extensive training component of approximately 50 sessions taught by our instructors, who are world class experts in their fields, during each trade show. Members typically attend the five to eight trainings during each Forum that are most relevant to their next business development steps.

Plus, if you are in a profession that has Continuing Education requirements, we probably have you covered, because each CEO Space Forum offers up to 30 hours of Continuing Education credits that are recognized in all 50 USA States for a wide range of professions.

All for a Low, One-Time, Life-Time Membership Fee

There is a simple reason why CEO Space provides all of this in a low one-time pay for a lifetime membership: no one builds a business in a week, a month or a year. As your business develops your CEO Space membership enables you to access the resources it needs next and next and next. From initial conception all the way through exit. This means that your CEO Space lifetime membership is actually an asset that rises in value over time and use.

"Exclusive CEO SPACE Membership"
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Many members elect to attend all five Forums each year because they find that this produces better results than what typical advertising, marketing and networking budgets typically yield. In fact, CEO Space is the only trade show in the world that is so dedicated to our members’ success that we guarantee you will start speeding up your business development during your very first Forum or we will refund your full membership fee before you leave.

For Additional Information

Do contact us about becoming a member, or if there anything else you would like to know in order to decide whether making a tax saving lifetime membership acquisition with us is right for you and your business.

You can reach us at:

801-580-9041 OR

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