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CERTUS Business After Hours Networking Event
BUILD your network so it's there when you need it... CERTUS redefines how professionals interact and grow their business by “helping others grow theirs.” Our community which encourages you to be intentional about building relationships, connect authentically, seek first to help and add value rather than “going for the close” or “pushing to close the next big deal.” ADVANCE TICKETS: ( Why attend this event? · Expand your network with highly connected professionals · Get introduced to key resources and partners · Give and receive business referrals · Get your foot in the door for your next opportunity · Walk away with an extra $100 in your pocket. Seriously! ~~ SPONSORSHIP AVAILABLE ~~ Contact CERTUS at[masked] x4 to sponsor this or a future event and get exposure for your company here and be involved at the event. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Happy Hour drink specials available & complimentary appetizers. This is a professional, yet social event where we are serious about connecting, networking and partnering with professionals in the community. Open to all businesses. As with other networking groups, membership and referrals are not required. Come and introduce yourself – you might bump into someone with just the product, service or expertise you’re looking for. Join us and experience the CERTUS Professional Network difference. TICKETS AT ( Returning non-member guests: $15 early bird thru 10/18 $20 regular advance $25 @ the door First-time attendees to a CERTUS event: $10 early bird thru 10/18 $15 regular advance $20 @ the door VIP, Premium and 6-Months Members - never a charge to attend any CERTUS networking event. More info about CERTUS Professional Network at ( A ( TICKETS:

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What we're about

Have you ever thought...

1) There are never any networking events on my end of town.

2) I'm so put off by people selling to me at events.

3) I see all the same people at these events.

4) I don't want to be reprimanded for not bringing in leads.

5) I got busted (again) for missing a meeting.

Enter CERTUS where you get...

1) A flexible and particularly effective way to network,

2) At a dozen networking events ALL over town,

3) Without requirements to pass leads or attend weekly meetings,

4) With intros to NEW influencers, leaders, company owners and resources at every event,

5) Who understand the power of networking rests in the quality relationships and alliances formed.

BUILD YOUR NETWORK at our high-caliber, business networking events with elite Denver professionals.

Get acclimated with our culture & approach to networking... get our FREE e-book: Strategic Networking for Success (!

Since 2003, CERTUS Professional Network ( has provided a unique means for professionals and company owners like you to promote and grow your business, and the business of others, in an environment that fosters the greatest opportunity to meet new and like-minded people and form quality relationships and partnerships.

"I have rarely seen a group of people as welcoming and over-flowing with good energy. It was a great experience to join this organization as a new person and I see myself becoming a regular because I want these people in my life." D.F.

Our daytime networking events start with 30 minutes of open networking. We then bring the group together for announcements, introductions by all participants, a 5 minute networking tip so you can hone your skills and a free raffle to promote your company and get new business. You're in and out in 75-90 minutes. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions:

Since our networking events are open to all, CERTUS Members and non-members alike network with us, though Members have perks (like networking free for a whole year). We never require RSVP's, membership, attendance or referral passing and we don't limit participation based on industry.

What? There's a fee to attend? Yes, there's a small fee to attend our networking events, which means we attract professionals who are serious about networking, investing in their business, building relationships and making the most of their time at our events.

"We have been involved with several different networking groups over the last 11 years in business. I have never seen a more organized, well-presented and professional, but fun networking organization. People are authentic, like minded and are all up to something. There is no pressure and the connections you make at the events are real and lasting! We have not only grown our business but have made some great relationships." C.A.

Infused throughout our professional community is the Go-Giver Philosophy and the belief that when you focus on GIVING rather than GETTING, you and your company are led to amazing opportunities. So much comes back to us, from sources we never expect, when we give, add value and help others first.

At each event, you'll meet new people as well as see people you already know, which is a great way to cultivate and deepen existing relationships.

"This group really gets it! It's not about collecting business cards, giving a sales pitch or sharing meaningless referrals, this group is about building a connection first. If you want to join the best networking group in Denver....this is it!" A.C.

CERTUS... where connections are made, partnerships are formed, referrals result, companies grow and business gets done.

Here’s to growing your business by helping others grow theirs.

Greg Bashaw
President of CERTUS Professional Network

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