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Meet local skeptics, atheists, secular humanists, scientific naturalists and other friends of reason for conversation and friendship! We meet in Eugene but welcome people from anywhere.

Meetings are informal and social. Conversation is spirited and polite.

The mission of the Center for Inquiry is to foster a secular society based on science, reason, freedom of inquiry, and humanist values. CFI Eugene Skeptics is an outreach program of Center for Inquiry of Portland, the branch for the Oregon, Washington and Idaho area.

Center For Inquiry (http://www.centerforinquiry.net/)is building communities like this one around the globe (http://www.centerforinquiry.net/outreach/branches)to provide social and intellectual needs of freethinking like-minded people. You may be familiar with our two magazines Free Inquiry (http://www.secularhumanism.org/fi/)and Skeptical Inquirer (http://www.csicop.org/si/%20), and our award winning podcast Point of Inquiry (http://www.pointofinquiry.org/). We engage in grassroots and nationwide campains via our Office of Public Policy (http://www.centerforinquiry.net/opp/)to tackle issues treading on separation of church and state, or policies which are not supported by evidence based science. We offer several educational college courses (http://www.centerforinquiry.net/education/graduate_program/), certifications to become a secular celebrant (http://www.centerforinquiry.net/education/secular_celebrants/), a camp for children (http://www.campinquiry.org/)ages 7-16, a non-religious 'alcoholics anonymous' (http://www.sossobriety.org/), as well as numerous activies at the local level. CFI does research into philosophical naturalism, democratic secularism, and humanist ethics. Three major research projects include the Committe for the Scientific Examination of Religion (http://www.centerforinquiry.net/cser), and two peer reviewed journals analyzing the claims of alternative medicine (http://www.sram.org/), and mental health practice (http://www.srmhp.org/).

We'd like to see this Eugene meetup become as active as our Portland meetup (https://www.meetup.com/cfi-portland). See a complete list of our Portland Area events at: http://www.centerforinquiry.net/portland or https://www.meetup.com/cfi-portland By building strong communities like this one throughout the US, we will help encourage society's decisions be based on evidence. Only through rational thinking will we be able to solve the challenges of tomorrow. Be a part of the change simply by supporting CFI (http://action.centerforinquiry.net/portlandfoc)and joining the secular community. Your participation is more important than you might think (http://www.centerforinquiry.net/uploads/attachments/2010-05_CFI_Portland_Newsletter.pdf#page=2)and you'll likely get great value and freindships out of it as well.

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