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"God Does Not Exist": Debate with Prof. Mano Singham and Pastor Joe Puckett

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Celebrate the Summer Solstice by joining us for a "spirited" debate between theoretical physicist/blogger and outspoken non-theist Mano Singham and Christian minister/theologian Joe Puckett Jr.! The debate is titled God Does Not Exist, and obviously Mano will affirm and Joe will deny.

Mano Singham is a theoretical physicist and is the current Director of UCITE (University Center for Innovation in Teaching and Education) at Case Western Reserve University. He is the author of three books: God vs. Darwin: The War Between Evolution and Creationism in the Classroom ( (2009), The Achievement Gap in US education: Canaries in the Mine ( (2005), and Quest for Truth: Scientific Progress and Religious Beliefs ( (2000).

In addition, he has been one of Northeast Ohio’s most outspoken non-theists. In prior years he wrote volumes & volumes of great stuff on religion, science, politics and culture in his web journal ( appropriately titled Mano Singham’s Web Journal) and for the past 2+ years he has had his very own FreethoughtBlog (simply titled Mano Singham).

Joe Puckett, Jr. is a Christian philosopher and Preaching Minister for the 200-member Hartville Church of Christ. He is currently a PhD candidate from Faulkner University in Humanities, with an emphasis on philosophy and history. Joe graduated from the East Tennessee School of Preaching in Karns, TN (1999), and has his Associates in Biblical Studies from Lincoln Christian University Lincoln, Illinois (2005). He also has a Bachelors degree in Human Development (with an emphasis in counseling) from Amridge University (formerly Southern Christian University, 2008). Joe completed his Master of Letters in Humanities (focusing on Philosophy and Religion) from Faulkner University’s Great Books Program (2012).

Like Mano, Joe is a published author with his book The Apologetics of Joy: A Case for the Existence of God from C. S. Lewis’s Argument from Desire ( (Wipf and Stock, 2012).

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The debate is free and open to the public. Some individuals in the group may wish to donate voluntarily for coffee and other refreshments... more info on this if the need arises.

This debate will be the first of its kind in NE Ohio, as far as we know.

Don't miss it- see you there! :)