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About Three Six Zero Leadership: Three Six Zero Leadership LLC is a serviced disabled veteran operated small business that provides a suite of services to develop leadership, team performance, and consulting. Three Six Zero Leadership inspires organizations to improve performance by translating military leadership into a model that can be used by any organization. By using a combination of learning platforms, experienced military veterans, executive leaders, and challenging events, Three Six Zero Leadership provides knowledge, experience, and fun. Three Six Zero Leadership utilizes a journey-based training approach and military principles to develop resilient leaders “trained for challenging, complex, ambiguous and uncomfortable situations.” US Army Training Doctrine

Coached by Experts-The leadership coaches are a network of expert military leaders that teach concepts and techniques that worked on their highly effective teams. We provide a platform of professional collaboration with leaders with non-military backgrounds to localize and customize training for each participant.
We are connected to powerful Veteran influencers in the Philadelphia area, so let's talk training solutions, progress, and CHARLIE MIKE!!!

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