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CHIFOO Event: Wasted Time Isn’t Time Wasted

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CHIFOO Event: Wasted Time Isn’t Time Wasted


CHIFOO presents "Wasted Time Isn’t Time Wasted: Ensuring An Ethical Process" with Corey Pressman, Fiction!

We are at an important juncture in our technologic and social evolution requires focus and acumen and something else: poetry, imagination, and daydreaming.

This talk presents a way for us - the makers and thinkers of the science fiction present - to organize our activities so as to include healthy portions of the arts & humanities, experimentation, and daydreaming. Creating and maintaining a healthy dream/work balance will ensure that our emerging machine environments are centered on us, and not us on them.

CHIFOO Meeting Details -- NOTE -- CHIFOOd and Meeting Time Change!

5:30 - 6:30 pm
CHIFOOd! Please join us before the meeting to enjoy no-host dinner and networking at Senate, just a few blocks away. 71 SW 2nd,
6:30 pm
Registration begins at New Relic
7:00 - 8:30 pm
CHIFOO program with Corey Pressman

This meeting is free for CHIFOO Members & $5.00 for non-CHIFOO Members. Become a member today at Raffle Tickets are $1.00 for two (available at door during Registration).

Please note: CHIFOO wants to make sure that each meeting is a great experience for everyone. If you need an accommodation to help you better enjoy CHIFOO meetings and events please let our CHIFOO Programs Chair know how we can help a few days prior to CHIFOO event.
New Relic
111 SW 5th Ave #2700 · Portland, OR
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