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CHIFOO Event: “F.U.” Money, Courage, & Ethics In The Workplace

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CHIFOO Event: “F.U.” Money, Courage, & Ethics In The Workplace


CHIFOO presents ""F#@K You" Money, Courage, & Ethics In The Workplace" with Elena Moon, Osage Orange!

Often defined as the wealth required to burn any bridge, it turns out F.U. money isn't a lifestyle replete with yachts and gold plated toilets. It's having enough money in the bank to be able to speak your mind and, if necessary, the next job. Learn how personal finances play a huge role in silencing us and how financial freedom through living simply can lead to finding courage, agency and voice at work.

About The Speaker
Elena Moon (@Elena_Moon) is the founder of Osage Orange, a human-centered design studio. She has been doing a mix of research and design for the last 15 years and particularly enjoys socially and environmentally conscious projects. CHIFOO is celebrating its 25th anniversary all year long! Come join CHIFOO for our tenth speaker event for 2018's theme "Do the Right Thing- HCI Ethics: Where Do We Start?".

Meeting Details
5:30 - 6:30: CHIFOOd and Registration: Please join us before the meeting to enjoy dinner and networking at New Relic, 111 SW 5th Ave, 27th Floor. Food and beverages will be available for $5. Registration for the meeting will begin at 6:00.

6:30 - 8:00: CHIFOO program starts at 6:30pm.

This meeting is free for CHIFOO Members & $5.00 for non-CHIFOO Members. Become a member today at Raffle Tickets are $1.00 for two (available at door during Registration).

Please note: CHIFOO wants to make sure that each meeting is a great experience for everyone. If you need an accommodation to help you better enjoy CHIFOO meetings and events please let our CHIFOO Programs Chair know how we can help a few days prior to CHIFOO event.
New Relic
111 SW 5th Ave #2700 · Portland, OR
How to find us

CHIFOO will be on the 27th floor of the US BankCorp Building. We will see you there!

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