What we're about

Ever Dream about being the Captain of your own Ship!

1) New Business or Side Hustle happening now or soon?

2) Need Ideas, Mentors, Masterminds, Brain Storming Sessions, etc...

3) What they don't teach you at Harvard Business School!

Why Should you Join?

1) Wishing, Dreaming, Creating, Starting, Working or Running a Business. No matter what stage you are in, help is always needed and yet someone else has been there before. If you like learning, sharing and solving problems - Join and get involved!

2) Collaboration with other members whether it is cross promoting to barter exchanges. Networking with other businesses by exploring ways to grow and expand together. "Hey, I know a guy..."

What can members expect out of the group?

1) Weekly online meetings (Zoom) Structured meeting with Education, Best Practices, Mastermind or Brainstorming sessions, and brief sponsor presentations. Agenda to be published at least a day before.

2) Constructive dialogue with fellow entrepreneurs.

3) Monthly Social Gatherings (Post COVID)

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How to build your financial business from scratch

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