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Welcome film/movie fans! - Join us to meet other local Indie & Documentary film fans. Discuss and recommend indi films, documentaries, and other movies to one another.

The idea is to watch the films that pose various moral/ethical questions or expend awareness about different issues that our society and individuals are facing. Therefore we will be focusing on watching Independent or Documentary films rather than watching typical Hollywood movies that are mostly for entertaining purposes.

Choosing documentary films we will primarily focus on the following topics: Personal Growth, Self Improvement/Empowerment, Spirituality, Global Warming, Ecological/Environmental Issues, Sustainable/Green Technologies, Alternative Energy, Corporate/Industrial/Governmental abuse, Ethical/Moral issues, Vegetarianism/Veganism, Genetically Modified Food & GMO, Alternative Healing. However, we are open to any kind of films/movies that raise any ethical and other important topics suggested by our members.

Please feel free to recommend us movies/films that you would like to watch, movies/films that you watched and would like to watch again, or just movies/films that you suggest to watch for others.

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THE ILLUSION OF MONEY - A Documentary Film with Kyle Cease

Sulzer Regional Library, Chicago Public Library

Whether you're rich, broke, or anywhere in between, money is one of the biggest excuses we give ourselves to not follow our excited callings—and it's costing us our creativity, our freedom, and our lives Join us to watch Kyle Cease's Documentary Film "The Illusion of Money"! This is a very inspiring movie that offers a new look at the money and our lives. Here is an official trailer: www.youtube.com/watch?v=h5wZF2uROBQ The screening is free but space is limited - RSVP is required. Any question or comments? Car-pooling arrangements? Please use "Comments" section on the event page.

Marianne & Leonard: Words of Love

Sulzer Regional Library, Chicago Public Library

Do you like Leonard Cohen? - Join us for a rare opportunity to watch this really beautiful love story: The movie director gave us a special permission to screen this documentary before it's available on DVDs. Here is an official trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LB6nIzPf9r8 The screening is free but space is limited - RSVP is required. Any question or comments? Car-pooling arrangements? Please use "Comments" section on the event page. REVIEWS: "Hauntingly beautiful - packs an emotional punch." - Little White Lies "As much poetry as documentary - a gentle, rhapsodic film." - The Wrap "Unmissable." - Rolling Stone "I wept like a child at this documentary." - The Times "A beguiling tale of music, heartbreak and life with Leonard Cohen." - The Telegraph "Broomfield has since made more than 30 films, winning countless awards. Among them have been several first-rate films about musicians, although for my money Marianne and Leonard is the best of these." - The Guardian

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