What we're about

The Centre for Inner Education & Meditation (CIEM) is an international worldwide community of over 500 meditation centres. Our programs are designed to teach not only meditation principles but also a total inner development, providing deep knowledge of ourselves, wisdom and compassion to apply in our daily lives.

Our classes teach fundamental principles of Meditation that allow us to connect with our inner lives through simple practices and slowly progress to deeper meditative states as one builds a stronger connection with our inner self.

One of CIEM's core principals is that CLASSES ARE FREE OF CHARGE, simply because we strongly believe that everyone should have access to learning about the profound benefits of Meditation and learning more about their inner self without having to pay for it. This is a service we provide to our communities around the world, free of charge, expecting only one thing: An Inner Richer Life, and as a result a better community and a better world.

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