Bight of the Twin (2016), by Hazel Hill McCarthy III

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CINECLUB MEXICO presents BIGHT OF THE TWIN, from director Hazel Hill McCarthy III, as part of the GREEN RAY film cycle, taking place every thursday from Feb. 23 through March 23.

Synopsis: The film is an experimental visual and musical journey that weaves a narrative from disparate worlds, that of cultural engineer and artist Genesis Breyer P-Orridge and the Vodoun practitioners of Benin, Africa. Director, Hazel Hill McCarthy III, has worked to create a unique artifact that is an ode to both creation and ritual. The film, open to multiple readings and interpretations, unfolds like a piece of music, with variations on a melody that are returned to and repeated with subtle differences. The sonic landscapes is built through using tracks by COUM TRANSMISSIONS, THROBBING GRISTLE, PTV and DJM[REX - (IMDb).


Remember, always free entrance/popcorn. Any questions through here, or for faster reply through [masked] or phone [masked] Please check the full Green Ray film cycle here