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Welcome to the group. Our group is a lot of fun. It's been around for 11 years, but we re-vamped the whole thing in 2016, like a cool old house that got a little run down, then got flipped. It's a great place with tons of character and it's a great place to hang out now-a-days.

Are you looking to make new friendships and experience new things? Cleveland 20s/30s is a great place to make that happen. I know that being a new person a group like this can be very intimidating. I highly encourage all of our organizers to be extra vigilant about making new members feel welcome. Walking into a room of strangers can be overwhelming. The good news is that there are a lot of other new members in our group, and you aren't the only new person. If you feel like an outsider at one of our events, reach out to the event organizer and ask him or her introduce you to a few people.


Don't be afraid to meet new people. Our organizers are all very friendly and will introduce you to others.

If you want to help organize, let us know.

WE TAKE ATTENDANCE. We remove members who no-show. We remove members who change their RSVP last minute without explanation.

WE ARE NOT A DATING SITE. Don't message people that you don't know. DON'T BE CREEPY. Don't cause drama. No serial dating. Please report creepy behavior to the organizers. Keep a valid profile photo and first name.



The majority of our members are amazing people and are honestly more respectful to one-another and better behaved than ever, however, we have new members every day, and we aren't familiar with single person in our group. We need everyone's help to make sure that individuals don't misuse our group and make people feel unwelcome...

Please read our member expectations before joining. We have very low low tolerance for people who can't just join our group and be cool. These policies WILL BE enforced for the safety of our members. Attendance expectations and messaging people you don't know are the policies that get the most people removed. Please review them. (https://www.meetup.com/CLE20s30s/messages/boards/forum/22533228)We are pro-actively getting rid of people in our group who show signs of creepy behavior. It's OK to be socially awkward. It isn't OK to be creepy. It isn't OK to ignore our policies because you don't agree with them. They have been put in place for the betterment of the quality of our group. We have a lot of experience running these types of groups and these policies have been put in place for a reason. If someone is creeping you out, message David or Nathan ASAP.

If you think that you are going to try to bend our rules and continue to be a member, you're most likely wrong. We are very connected to our members and have a pipeline of information going straight to our leadership team. If you act like a jerk, we usually find out, and we rarely give warnings. If your behavior is bad enough, we'll go even further. Our rules are in place for a reason. We have a lot of experience with this kind of thing, and we will not let a few bad members ruin the hard work of our organizers. We will not let a few rejects ruin the fun of thousands. If you are one of these people and you can't control your self, go away now.

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