CLE Game Co-Op Social Meet & Share


CLE Game Co-Op Social Meet & Share

Market Garden Brewery
Ohio City (Either front high top tables or the back bar)
1947 W 25th St
Cleveland, OH 44113

Event Details

These social meetups allow us to check-in, share progress, ask for help, motivate and support each other's projects and just talk with awesome people doing a lot of the same thing. Existing teams meetup to talk shop, others look to form teams, and other still just meetup to stay in touch and enjoy a few pints.

So far, these have been an absolute blast.

And for those looking to get some feedback on their projects, we usually have a monitor & laptop setup to be able to show off any works (requires advanced coordination with Keith).

Just like last time, we'll open with a public/open meet & greet (& drink & eat & talk etc etc) to introduce newcomers, identify the existing Active Co-Opers and introduce any newcomers interested in joining the Active group.

For the second half, we'll get down to business and talk shop about any existing projects, and, for the collab-ers, brainstorm new ideas/flush out existing ones.

Regardless of your interest level, the Social Meet & Greet's are open all game developers, artists, musicians, supporters, volunteers, helpers including, but not limited to, waffle and/or bacon makers. Stop by, have a drink & introduce yourself!

Can't wait to see all of you there!


What's a CLE Game Co-Op Social Meet & Greet like?

At these events, we're just looking to get as many CLE-based devs, artists & musicians interested in making & publishing CLE-made games together to meet & get to know each other, their work, active projects, skills, experience etc. For those looking to collab on new projects, we'll introduce you to others with complementary skills to form teams and help those teams get started on new game ideas, etc.

For those already on existing projects, you'll have a chance to meet everyone else in the CLE games community to see what they're up to and pick their collective brains and learn from the past experience of those who have already successfully (or unsuccessfully) published games.

If you're a newb and are looking to get started in game dev in CLE, we'll help you form similar level teams and help you get started on the right path to finishing your first game.

Just excited about the momentum we've built for game dev in CLE? Want to help in a non-dev/art/collab way? We need your help! Come by and meet everyone! The most valuable feedback in games comes from getting it in the hands of players AT EVERY STEP OF THE PROJECT. In the coming months, we'll be hosting Playtest Events where we'll need as many player's hands on deck as possible! PLEASE Stop by a Social Meet & Greet event and sign up as a playtester!

Are you a journalist, marketer or community leader? Stop by and introduce yourself. We have some incredible momentum building already, and will have a lot to share in the coming months! Thanks for all of the support and enthusiasm, everyone! This is getting really EXCITING!

CLE Game Co-Op Purpose

To build a CLE game dev community focused on publishing CLE-made games by collaborating, coordinating, motivating and supporting CLE game devs through every step of the game development & publishing process.

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