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Do you like to dine out but prefer to go to non-chain restaurants? Do you prefer to dine in smaller, more intimate groups? Then, CLEO is for you. Our group was formed to support local independently owned restaurants. While events will often be held at ethnic restaurants, we will from time to time dine at more traditional, American-type restaurants. Chain restaurants with limited locations in the area may also figure into the rotation.

Although this group is about meeting new people, it is not specifically for dating. Please respect members who don't reciprocate your interest. If finding a date is your sole purpose for joining, go find another group to join.

Our dinners will typically entail smaller, more intimate groups, around 6 diners. This allows for easy conversation and sometimes sharing of dishes for those open to that. We hope you'll discover some great new restaurants, revisit old favorites and make new friends along the way!

If you have any special dietary needs, please be sure to review the menu. The majority of the time we are able to provide a link to the menu in the invitation if the restaurant has one online.

We do ask that members be responsible for showing up to the dinner they RSVP'd for, but we also realize life happens and things happen at the last minute. If a member has 2 no shows, they will be removed from the group. A no show is defined as someone who has RSVP'd "yes" for the dinner, but does not change their RSVP, does not show up to the dinner, and does not provide any explanation or respond as to why they did not show.

A member may also be removed at the discretion of the Organizer, things that might cause removal, but are not limited to, are being a no show, being rude, or harassing another member(s).

Each person is responsible for paying for their own dinner. I collect $1 at each dinner for all the attendees to help pay for the cost of having this group on meetup.

****Because we do smaller dinners of 6 diners, please don't be discouraged if a dinner is full by the time you see it. If you think you can make it that night and want to go to that restaurant, please add yourself to the waiting list. One thing that is for certain, people's plans change. If you are on the waiting list, please note we have a manual waiting list. What this means is that when someone who is a yes RSVP and changes to a no, those on the waiting list will be emailed through Meetup that a spot is open. If you can make it, you'll need to change your RSVP to a yes. NOTE: Just like the dinners, the manual wait list is first come first served, so whoever responds the quickest will get the spot. Also keep in mind that someone could be browsing through or recently joined and see an opening and they could take the open spot, too.****

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CLEO Dinner – Velvet Smoke BBQ (Harrison)

Velvet Smoke BBQ - Harrison


Please read the text following ************ as I have made policy changes on how I run my events. Do not RSVP until you read these. The CLEO theme for June is Barbecue, where we are going to sample some of the amazing local BBQ establishments around Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. Many of these places will be small and family-owned, may only take cash and most likely won’t take reservations, so please be prepared. Velvet Smoke also has roots in competition BBQ, specializing in pork, chicken and brisket. I have heard this is so good that it is worth the drive to Harrison. They do have a second location in White Oak but that is only Catering and Carry Out, so Harrison it is! Their menu can be found here: https://velvetsmokebbq.com/harrison-oh-menu/ ************ I will be collecting $1 from each person at the event to send back to Amy to help pay for Meetup fees and maintain the group. It is normal for Meetup to list you as "Unpaid" on the attendance list. Please only RSVP if you seriously plan on attending as these events are restricted to 6 people. Please promptly remove yourself from attending if your plans have changed and can no longer attend. That includes if you end up on the Waitlist. The day before the event, I will ask everyone attending to confirm their spot by posting a message on the event page below. Anyone remaining on the Waitlist will also need to indicate that they can still attend. Anyone who does not respond by 12:00pm the day of the event will be removed not only from that event, but from all future events. Consider yourself warned.

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CLEO Dinner – Big Art's BBQ Grille (Colerain)

Big Art's BBQ


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