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What we’re about

Join CLIMATE CHANGE Toronto and RSVP for our next CCT event!

Our Motto: Knowledge Before Action!

If you are interested in the latest climate change developments and want to share, discuss and get answers about climate change from experts and be with friendly, like-mind people, join CCT!

CCT is also a Gateway to inform you about some remarkable climate change groups in our area! We encourage you to join a group that resonates your particular environmental interest.

Want to engage in climate change discussions online? Got a suggestion for a meeting?

Here are two ways you can submit your ideas and thoughts on CCT Meetup: Desktop and/or phone/tablet

On Your Desktop Meetup:
Write your message here:

On the Meetup App on your phone/tablet
In CCT Meetup, scroll down to Discussions and write your message there.

Also, check out CCT on Facebook! Info about climate change and pinned up front are the latest global CO2 numbers..Still going up..’-(
You can message CCT there too. Change Toronto