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We are a sophisticated, well-designed yet unpretentious guild for those cultured, polished lesbians that have grappled to find equivalently high-quality significant others and equally minded lesbian friends. The Society was founded on the belief that NYC’s finest lesbians have been really struggling to find equally high quality contemporaries, given a dearth of refined outlets to meet.


The Cosmopolitan Lesbian Society is a Society of Leaders; whether CEOs, entrepreneurs, and businesswomen, or scientists, PhDs and doctors, we strive to challenge, sharpen, and inspire one another. We invite you to revel and luxuriate in, to be motivated and moved by, the company of lovely lesbians in our elegant and chic settings.

Mind you: this is not a ‘league.’ Nor a ‘club.’ Neither is it an organization. And certainly -- not a ‘group.’ It is nothing less than a Society of smart, classy Women.

The Society becomes official on 1 January, 2016, when its A-round of Funding closes. (Feel free to follow up with me to inquire how the capital will be spent in fiscal 2016.) After this date, the Society will permit members by interview and on a dues-paying basis only. At that point, women must be nominated to interview.

And please, mark our event on Saturday, November 7th, in your diary as one to reminisce in years to come as ‘oh that night…’ with "ahh, those Women"

The Society's activities will include:

• museum openings + cocktails

• guest speakers including diplomats, educators, entrepreneurs, actors, authors, philanthropists, and artists

• private cocktail parties and dinners hosted at fabulous restaurants/bars

• movie pre-screenings

• book discussions featuring the authors

• sports events (i.e. bootcamps, private classes at boutique studios like SoulCycle or Barry's Bootcamp, etc)

• small dinner parties

• summer house rental

• winter ski house rental

• Caribbean trip

• two long international trips each year - i.e. safari, Asia, etc.

• More activities - per your recommendations - will be added

Please feel free to contact drfrankie@littlegaybook.com with ideas or questions.

Twitter: CosLesSociety
Instagram: CosLesSociety

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Join us for The Collaborative March Madness Lesbian Happy Hour

We’ll meet in the bar area, where it will be required to keep an open a tab until you are ready to leave. Whether you’re a couple, or whether you’re single, come out for March Madness and be ready to mingle! Thalia is in the heart of the theater district, and this beautiful restaurant is giving us the rare opportunity to enjoy half priced appetizers and discounted drinks. Join us for social networking and making new connections or enjoying some old ones. In order to have separate tickets and for the bartenders to be able to serve us on a timely basis, the restaurant asks that you leave your tab open until you are ready to leave. Should some decide they would like to go into the restaurant for dinner, they are welcome to do so. The restaurant has recently changed their menu, and offer delicious selections. We look forward to seeing you all! There will be 5 groups attending. Please only RSVP to one group so we can keep an accurate count. All groups participating: Lesbian and Bi Food Lovers in New York Yes Ma'am Lesbian Networking Happy Hour Cosmopolitan Lesbian Society: Smart & Sophisticated New York City Lesbians 50 + Out and About Lesbians 45 + Active in the City

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New York Lesbian/Bi “Single Mingle”

53 Christopher St

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