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This group is dedicated to encouraging people who are transitioning or already adapted to a low carb or ketogenic way of eating. Low carb is a return to a more traditional diet of meats and healthy green vegetables and fats. Ketogenic eating is a spectrum of adapting the body to switch away from glucose to convert dietary and body fat into fuel. Low levels of nutritional ketosis promote weight loss and brain clarity, while sticter carb controls will regulate blood sugar levels for diabetes and fatty liver repair, and more therapeutic levels of deep ketosis are known to regenerate disease and control epilepsy.

Ketogenic eating is becoming well known in effectivly resolving weight struggles, chronic fatigue, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, epilepsy, heart issues, and more. Low carb and keto eating also provides increased energy, athletic performance and brain clarity.

I will organize a monthly restaurant meetup to share experiences and form supportive friendships. We can also meet for potluck recipe sharing meals, walking groups, keto related events and more. Send me your ideas, and if you're interested in hosting an event let me know.

I promote a ZERO guilt, transitional approach to low carb, ketogenic and intermitent fasting methods to regain control over health and wellbeing. "Keto Flu" can be avoided by gently eliminating carbs (refined and processed foods) while increasing healthy fats (coconut oil, macadamia nuts) and restoring electrolyte balance (CALM with Calcium powder drink, magnesium, potassium, sea salt). Slow and steady wins the race... It can be very difficult at first to resist all of the high sugar and refined foods literally being shoved in our faces everywhere we go. With a little encouragement, knowledge and strategy, we can overcome the mindsets and pressures of a culture obsessed with processed food products feeding a multimillion dollar diet and pharmaceutics industry. Just cutting refined and packaged foods and reducing prescription meds can save you thousands of dollars each year!


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