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#CMPTO Start Your Engines!

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"Spring is in the air - every sight and every" - ok enough of that -this is not a karaoke event. This is an idea seeding event.

The start up community may not be as vigorous here in Canada as it is south of the border but there are people out there entrepreneur-ing their way forward. Publishers can and should and in some cases are applying the lessons learned from these "hot pool" startup communities and becoming agile, iterative and collaborative to boot. Join us as we look to spread the seeds of start up ideas and how publishing can learn to reap the rewards.

Our presenters:

Brydon Gilliss (Startupify.Me, operates ThreeFortyNine Coworking, partner in BandOfCoders, hosts DemoCampGuelph)

Brydon writes letters to computers politely asking them to do things for people.

I have heard Brydon referred to as the pioneer of the startup culture in Guelph and look forward to hearing him speak about creating that culture, (or whatever he decides to talk about).

Mark MacKinnon (

Startup in the Board Game world. Yes, you read that right; Board Games! Come hear Mark talk about his trials and tribulations. If you can make it in the board game world then you can make it anywhere.

Pearson Catalyst

Pearson always seems to embrace change and now they are embracing it very closely with their edtech incubator programme for startups: Pearson Catalyst.

Todd Sattersten (BizBookLab)

Although he can't make it in person, the man who brought us "Every Book Is a Startup: The New Business of Publishing" will share some insights via video. Should be fun.