What we're about

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation host projects for building performant and cloud ready application. From small personal projects to planet scale products, the CNCF propose solutions to build robust, scalable and cloud ready applications.

At the earth of the CNCF is Kubernetes, the container orchestrator that can run on your laptop or the datacenters of the biggest companies.

Join the group to discover or deep dive into that ecosystem: from container orchestration, monitoring, service discovery to multi cluster orchestration, we are presenting and discussing the opensource solutions that are making today and tomorrow IT building blocks.

Links to all previous meetups videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOpl87ei3FmD9QhUsHkOApWZ0RVft0EQz

Past events (2)

(1) Kubernetes Extensions and (2) Pod Anomaly Detection

Amadeus (Auditorium Mistral)

Monitorer votre système et vos applications avec Prometheus

Amadeus (Auditorium Mistral)

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