(1) Kubernetes Extensions and (2) Pod Anomaly Detection

CNCF - Cloud Native Computing Sophia-Antipolis
CNCF - Cloud Native Computing Sophia-Antipolis
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Amadeus (Auditorium Mistral)

485 Route du Pin Montard, Biot Sophia Antipolis · Nice

How to find us

Same place than previous event. Enter Amadeus visitor parking and walk to the main building.

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This meetup session will be divided into 2 presentations:

1- Kubernetes Extensions:
Kubernetes provides the ability to extend the platform. This Presentation will cover 4 of its main features. We will go through their properties and how they can influence the core kubernetes behaviors, with some use-cases and their future releases' roadmaps.

2- Pod Anomaly Detection:
In the first part of the presentation, we will review the existing methods to mitigate problems introduced by failing pods in a Kubernetes cluster. The second part will focus on a new automated mean of dealing with problems in an orchestrated way, taking advantage of your technical or functional monitoring. Come and discover how the "Pod Anomaly Detection" can help you to implement a kind of circuit breaker on top of Kubernetes concepts.


Be sure to have your identity papers with you in case it is requested by Amadeus security.