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GraphCMS GmbH

Torstraße 60 · Berlin

How to find us

due to construction works in the basement, please enter through the Späti next door (the white door near their counter) and go up to the 3rd floor :)

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content: the first frontier of any meaningful project.

Sooner or later every site or app or growth hacking landing page will rely to some extent on a content management concept. And while even in 2020 Wordpress is a maintained piece of software, many of us have moved on to the brave world of distributed, headless and api driven content management tools.

Coding Berlin's November chapter will concentrate on content management aspects. And who could be a better host for us than a company that deals with content all day? - We're super happy that we'll be located at GraphCMS' brand new office space at Torstraße! Welcome to Berlin, by the way :)

Our Agenda

6:30 doors open @GraphCMS
7:00 a content and warm welcome by coding berlin

7:10 Talk #1 Jamie (@notrab): Content, content everywhere: The state of the content mesh

Jamie will be taking the stage to talk about the growing number of services we depend on to deliver today's web. Gone are the days of monolithic platforms that do it all, say hello to the best of breed APIs.

7:45 Talk #2 Adva (@advabendov) & Marco (@mpodien):Integrate any content provider into a complex e-commerce solution

Spryker is the state-of-the-art commerce OS that enables you to set your business ahead of the competition through technology ownership. Adva (Senior Product Manager, responsible for CMS at Spryker) will demonstrate Spryker's latest content management approach and Marco (Tech Evangelist) will showcase how easy it can be to add new content providers on the example of a GraphQL API.

8:15 Lightning Talks

Bogdan: Using a social network as a CMS for a static website

Stefan (@stadolf): Indexing and Querying useful data with TheGraph on the Etherum blockchain

A ~10 minutes flyover on how to setup AssemblyScript projections that react on events (and function calls) emitted by Ethereum smart contracts. TheGraph's toolchain allows us to infer so called "subgraphs" with nearly no coding, compiles them to WASM modules and allows you to deploy them on their (centralized) infrastructure as GraphQL API.