What we're about

The FCC and Congress are in the process of erasing the privacy laws, erasing Net Neutrality, and even erasing the requirements to offer any service, even when they are the monopoly or duopoly provider, and even when they had a contract do so.

-Erasing privacy means that they can track you, invade your privacy and sell your information.

-Erasing Net neutrality means that the are going to not worry if the provider blocks or degrades your service for their own

-Neglecting or Destroying Valuable Infrastructure – The phone companies have stopped properly upgrading and maintaining the hard-line fiber networks, even though customers paid for upgrades to fiber. They are also shutting down or ripping out the existing copper phone lines, which are now totally capable of delivering modern fast data speeds.

In NYC, Verizon is being sued by the City of because it failed to properly upgrade about one million households with fiber optics, while the NY Attorney General is suing Spectrum because it knowingly failed to deliver on broadband internet speeds. And this is just the start. Over the next few months, the FCC is rolling out new rules where the companies won’t have to fix a wire if it breaks, or even make sure there is competition for all services. In short, the plan is dismantle all regulation so the companies have unfettered control over your services.

It’s time to stand up to the bullies and not let the phone and cable companies, with the FCC to remove protections – but confront them with unquestionable facts and legal and regulatory challenges---we will not let the bullies win.

A new group has formed, the IRREGULATORS, an independent consortium of retired and semi-retired telecom experts, analysts, policy wonks, forensic auditors, and lawyers who are former senior staffers from the FCC, state advocate and Attorneys General Office experts and lawyers, as well as former telco consultants.

We’re hosting COMMUNICATE, a grassroots meetup for people who are concerned about the oncoming assault to our valuable and democratic means of connection, activism and expression.

What we found: Whamming: We believe there is no privacy in America today, and it is time for investigations, not ‘let the companies invade our privacy. But more shocking you are being charged extra to be advertised to and spied on -- we found that everyone is paying 50% more for data because the ad-tech uses up your data plans-- and this has been causing overages throughout the US.

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Broadband Scandal: We know that local phone customers were charged extra for upgrades they never received, and even wireless customers pay extra because the companies have manipulated the accounting. New York City and State should have been properly upgraded and weren't. There should have been very high speed internet and broadband and cable competition; instead we have continuously higher prices -- and millions in the state never got their fiber optic future. And while everyone using wireless, you probably don't know that almost all wireless requires a wire. And the shift to charge you 'per gigabit'-- means you'll pay more and more-- just another trick to nickel and dime us all. In short, the FCC and congress are now on a path to help the phone and cable companies, and we intend to stop them. And it is getting worse with every passing FCC and congressional ruling.
But we need your help. Join the IRREGULATORS -- Come to the first "COMMUNICATE" and let your voice, video, image and communication not be disrupted, spied on, 'price gouged', or stuck in the very slow lane.