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Connectivity Roundtable to Help Build Better Internet Options
This will be our inaugural Meetup at the HQ of Light My Site (, our primary sponsor. The goal of this Meetup to listen, organize, and to help build business cases for all the participating ISPs to bring the sufficient internet connectivity for our member's commercial spaces. You should attend if you are interested in learning what you can do to entice better ISPs to light your location(s) and to lend your voice to our dialogue with both the city and the ISPs alike. Our boardroom can fit 40 people comfortably. We have a few industry experts on hand to explain why NYC has such a problem with connectivity, what tools the bandwidth deprived can use to achieve their ideal connectivity goals NOW, and a Q&A with some providers. There will be an open bar to follow sponsored by Light My Site ( and the presenting ISP at a location close to 43rd and 5th. Come join this grassroots campaign to organize and to help turn NYC into the model of a 21st Century Connected city!

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This Meetup is an ongoing user group of technology and business professionals who are experiencing challenges with getting the necessary internet connectivity to support their businesses and operations here in ALL parts of the Five Boroughs.

Whether it be a simple cable connection or a Gig-E Fiber build out, this is a user (customer) based forum to communicate with one other on your challenges and needs for better connectivity. This Meetup will have a monthly meeting on the first Thursday of every month at the Midtown HQ of our founding sponsor (with cocktails to follow!) where we will invite a variety of specialists from different ISPs available here in NYC and other industry experts to listen to our needs and then hopefully build solutions for our members.

Membership is restricted to consumers of commercial internet connectivity ONLY with representatives from ISPs being allowed to sponsor and present their wares in a fair and organized fashion.

Even if you think you are in the farthest reaches of NYC and you're stuck with your DSL from 1999, join up and by working together we will help you catch up to the 21st Century!

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