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Our goal is to bring together Average Joes and Janes, who can agree to disagree and have fun socializing while discussing how we got to this point in our lives and how we are losing control of our country to corrupt politics.
We do it using the Off Broadway, soon to be Broadway play, Conversations with an Average Joe which is a “living” play continually adding current issues and personalities to its performances. And we do it telling true stories with light hearted entertainment that our cast of Conversations have joined together in a show of unity to give us a hope that there are good people out there with differing points of view who can enjoy working together and maybe even have fun changing the world. So If you want to get involved in political discussion without the political parties or pledging to platforms that divide us, but rather be united with an independent voice and maybe even help get our message out using “Conversations,” consider coming to one of our meetings or even a rehearsal of the play.

We’re looking forward to meetup with those who can play well with others and would agree that going to meetings to listen to what's wrong and doing nothing about it is a waste of time. And that arguing about stuff that distracts us from working together to change the wrong direction we are going, is what those who are destroying our future want us to do. So, if you’re concerned how come we have less money in our pockets while the stock market’s going up; how the “news” isn’t news anymore and everything on both sides seem fake; why the same problems and promises of solutions appear in every election with nothing getting resolved; how our services become less, as bureaucracy continues to grow: how we can shut down our government refusing to pay military and children’s health care, while Congress still gets paid; how our tax money is being used to pay congressional sexual harassment settlements; why it seems that too much is being blamed entirely on race relations; why our government can spend $3 billion on cancer research and $3 billion on the Cash for Clunkers program where people got to trade in their old cars for new cars; why can illegal aliens get tax refunds and inmates collect unemployment; how we’re being replaced by robots who can manufacture stuff we can’t buy because we don’t have a paycheck anymore; why can a collection agency harass us without first proving in court that we owe a bill; how can AT&T rip us off for $300 million and only get fined $105 million, and if we stole a phone we’d go to jail; And why is corn the main ingredient in Honey Bunches of Oats.
But, it’s nice to know that no matter what happens in the world, maybe even including the end of the world—that Monday Night football will continue.

Brought to you by the cast of CONVERSATIONS WITH AN AVERAGE JOE who will show you how they have joined together in a show of unity that will change the direction our country is headed and again give us all hope.



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