What we're about

Make Friends. Do Awesome Stuff Together. Tell Everyone!

If you stream on Twitch, YouTube Gaming, Mixer, or any other livestreaming platform, this group is for you! Knowing how to form and build relationships is key to what we do, and meetups like these can help fine tune those skills. We will hang out, share streaming stories, and work IRL to evolve the platform in creative ways.

There are many businesses popping up that either cater to streamers or would open up good opportunities for local streamers and events. However, they need people who know what they are doing and can provide a mutual benefit for the opportunity. A well-trained streamer with support from a highly engaged community can do a LOT. WE can be a sought after commodity.

Step one is to unify local streamers, and begin streamer training.

Next will be to form our community structure.

Third will be to do test events to hone in the process.

Then we will steamroll towards creating events of all sizes on a more frequent basis.

The goal is to give people a chance to gain experience in whatever related job they want to aim for. It ranges from making a name for yourself in front of the camera, to being a community developer, a branding/advertising specialist, social media expert, production master, or anything else that is required to make the community, and it events, a success.

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