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Join us to learn more about how IFC's new "611 Solution" can catalyze millions of dollars to help save Main Street small businesses and nonprofits. This Enterprise Integrated Full Spectrum Investment concept will both help us through the economic crisis looming because of the pandemic, but will also help us build a more just, resilient, and equitable economy post-pandemic.

Keeping small businesses and nonprofits alive during the pandemic may be the difference between a global recession versus a depression. Because the CARES Act is too slow and does not adequately provide a safety net to keep many U.S. small businesses and nonprofits open during the pandemic, in order to save our economy, we need to quickly mobilize private sector investment from individuals, foundation endowments, family offices, companies, life insurance companies, and pension funds to co-invest with the CARES Act and COVID-19 philanthropic resources.

The Enterprise Integrated Full Spectrum Capital Investment concept benefits the investor by 1) converting equity in the market to debt in a more stable asset class, 2) using philanthropic capital to de-risk the investment, and 3) investing in CDFI’s who have on average a 10% loan loss reserve and were the highest performing asset class of all asset classes during the last economic downturn.

You can read more about IFC’s COVID-19 Response both below and at https://impactfinctr.co/covid19 and includes the recorded webinar, Recovering from Crisis while Building a More Just & Sustainable Economy including our 611 Enterprise Integrated Full Spectrum Investment Solution https://impactfinctr.co/covid611recovery .

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