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The group is for any educator interested in obtaining a California Administrative Services Credential.

Are you a California teacher, librarian, speech language pathologist, school nurse, or counselor? Did you know that you can take one (1) exam to earn your admin credential? No grad school, no tuition, no weekend or night courses--just one exam: the CPACE.

Let’s study together to prepare for the CPACE (http://www.ctcexams.nesinc.com/test_info_CPACE.asp). The last administration of the previous version of the CPACE was February 2015. However, the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC (http://www.ctc.ca.gov/)) has agreed to continue providing an expedited route (the CPACE) to earning an admin credential.

This means that a new version of the CPACE is going to begin its first administration this summer with registration starting in May of 2015.

For more information on the NEW CPACE, check out Evo Prep (http://www.evoprep.com).

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FREE CPACE Info Session (30 min Webinar)

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If you are interested in earning an Admin Credential, we are hosting a FREE Online Info Session Webinar. We will discuss different pathways to earning an Admin Credential, including taking the CPACE - ONE EXAM that replaces Grad School completely! Info Session Sign-Ups are at http://www.evoprep.com/info-session.

The Webinar will cover:
• How to earn your Admin Credential
• Why the CPACE
• What to expect on the NEW CPACE
• Q & A
• One free CPACE workshop giveaway

Note: RSVPing on Meetup will NOT give you access to the webinar. You MUST register at http://www.evoprep.com/info-session.

Live Online CPACE Webinar Class

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Evo Prep is the leading comprehensive, in depth CPACE prep course available for aspiring school leaders taught by real administrators. We have proven results: 94% pass rate for the Content Assessment and 75% pass rate for the Performance Assessment. Evo Prep is the ONLY prep course available that prepares future leaders for the Performance Assessment!

With the Live Online Webinar, you can participate in a live classroom in the comfort of your own home.

• 8 hours of live interactive instruction and simulated practice for both the Content and Performance sections of the CPACE
• Full-length practice exams included for the Performance Assessment and Focused Constructed Response Assignments
• Interact with instructors and other learners in real time through chat and microphone features
• Live audience polling that lets you see how you do on the multiple choice section instantly with feedback from the instructors
• Access to a Private Online Community with other Evo Preppers for insider tips and strategies
• Bonus study groups provided by location with other Evo Preppers

Space is limited for our workshops, as we cap our class size for optimal learning, so please sign-up to reserve your spot at http://www.evoprep.com/enroll.

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FREE CPACE Info Session (30 min Webinar)

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