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Do you have a mountain resort lift pass and would like to maximize your use of it?

The sole purpose of this meetup is to connect Northern Colorado lift pass holders with each other to minimize abuse on their vehicles and wallets while providing more opportunities to hit the slopes and meet new people who are just as passionate about enjoying the slopes as you are!

We don't believe that car pooling means that you have to spend the entire day with the people you ride up with, it is just a ride there and back. If you happen to cultivate an awesome and enduring friendship while car pooling together and spend some time on the slopes taking runs, that's a tremendous bonus!

Our hope is that drivers will be good hosts, that passengers will be good guests, and that above all everyone involved made the most use of their season passes. Having a season pass is not a requirement to join this group, but to drive and setup meets on here; there are guidelines being set out for everyone's benefit and safety.

The only way this meetup works well, is if we have a major collection of Drivers. So all prospective car pool meet Drivers will need to contact an Organizer.

Its finally time to start looking forward to more time spent on the slopes enjoying your pass...

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