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The headlines are clear: climate change has become a climate crisis. We now know that human activity has raised the temperature of the planet by 1.0°C in just 150 short years, threatening the existence of vital ecosystems, cities and infrastructure, and ways of life across the globe.

But in the midst of this crisis there is also an opportunity. According to the IPCC 2018 Special Report (https://www.ipcc.ch/sr15/?utm_source=pendulum&utm_medium=email), we can still avoid the worst effects of the climate crisis if we are able to prevent another 0.5°C increase. This would mean radically changing how we produce energy, consume resources, and live our lives.

The good news? Innovators are finding new ways to do just that. Bold startups are rethinking the energy sector, smart cities are forming partnerships to reduce waste, and volunteer organizations and activists are changing the public perspective.

This meetup will explore the potential of sustainable innovation to address the climate crisis. We recognize the value in bringing together people with different perspectives, and invite you to join us for our next event.

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Grand Opening: What is Sustainable Innovation?

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