What we're about

Let’s read, watch and discuss books and films about technology & Science!

We’ll be reading and discussing some of the greatest, most provocative and most overrated books that try to explore the curious relationship between technology, society, and the individual.

The main purpose of this book and film club is to bring together people with an interest in technology and the desire to discuss it.

Who is this book and film club for?
Anyone with an interest in technology and the desire to discuss it. Hackers, Internet policy people, security experts, entrepreneurs, philosophers, artists, journalists, cyborgs, techno-enthusiasts and pessimist… you get the point.

What are we going to read and watch?
Every month, we read a book or article about a current issue that’s related to technology. We also read about tech’s influence on pop-culture in news articles or listen to podcasts and watch films. Your suggestions are welcome!

Why is this book club in ENGLISH?
We want to be inclusive to non-Danish speakers. You’re most welcome to read any given book in the Danish version, if there is one, but discussions will mostly be in English.

1. If you haven’t managed to read the entire book - no problem. Simply focus on one chapter that caught your attention, and think of one good question you’d like to discuss when we meet.

2. If you’ve read the book already - even better. Bring along some good book reviews or read another book / article by the same author and share your thoughts with the group.

3. Everybody else. Think of a good question you’d like to discuss that’s relevant to the topic of the book. We will have one topic per meetup and generally focus our discussion around that. At each meetup, we’ll spend about 90 minutes on the book until we open the floor for freestyle techno-philosophising and general hanging out.

A big thanks to the Berlin Tech Book Club for lending us the cool concept :)

Tina & Nynne

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Book Club: Synthetic - How life got made by Sophia Roosth - NEW DATE!

Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID)

**Due to practical circumstances, this book club is postponed to February 6th. What we are reading: Synthetic – How life got made by Sophia Roosth, 2017, The University of Chicago Press With the emergence of synthetic biology, the fundamental question of biology as the science of life has been rephrased. What is life? Sophia Roosth examines the question by writing the history of synthetic biology and the people and companies working in the field. The development begins when a computer scientist tries to model a simple virus in the mid 1990s and fails. He then decides to reengineer the virus to make it fit his model. This radical approach marks the convergence of engineering, design and biology and the beginning of synthetic biology. When life can be created in a laboratory, the distinction between ‘synthetic’ and ‘natural’ life is destabilized, knowing that these concepts are by no means naturally given themselves. The discoveries that come with the ability to synthesize and edit the genome of ourselves and other organisms question the limits of what it means to be human. Research in the human microbiome has shown that we are much more than mere humans. In fact alien microorganisms in our guts perform essential tasks that maintain our wellbeing. Perhaps soon we also have to incorporate synthetic DNA in our conception of ourselves as humans. In this sense the development in biology raises questions that reach far outside the labs and the discipline of biology. We hope that you want to discuss these questions with us. You do not need to study or work in synthetic biology or have any kind of specialist knowledge about the subject in order to join. Your host of this session is: Sune Fredskild. He studied geography and urbanism and likes to think about the interface between technology and culture. About the venue: TBA

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