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How Does Your Lifestyle & Diet Affect Heart Health?
Your cardiovascular system is an important and fragile group of structures that pumps nutrient- and oxygen-rich blood throughout your body. At the center of this system is your heart. The foods you choose to consume on a daily basis can affect the health of your heart. Choosing the right foods can make a difference in living a long and healthy life or being faced with the prospect of a heart attack or heart disease as your body ages. During this meetup we will talk about ways we can use technology to track our health, and make informed lifestyle choices based on this information. Liv: Liv is a Danish HealthTech startup on a mission to democratize health. Using an electronic skin patch, Liv monitors your health 24/7 and helps you assess the consequences of your lifestyle. By measuring key biometrical vital signs such as body temperature, respiration, stress and a real-time ECG, Liv empowers you to make informed decisions about your life. Daniel Dudas-Schwarz, 34, is a driven innovator with 15+ years of experience as an entrepreneur working with communications, media and technology. His main expertise is human behavior, customer needs and market trends. Daniel has a Master’s Degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from the Copenhagen Business School and spends [much of his free] time doing pro bono consulting for startups focusing on social impact. Inspired by numerous stays at Indian ashrams, Daniel enjoys yoga and meditation to keep himself grounded. At the age of 26, Daniel was — incorrectly, it recently turned out — diagnosed with a chronic heart condition. This prompted him to start a project that will allow any person anywhere to monitor his or her own health. Organisers: This is the first one in a series of events together with CPH Foodtech Community ( and Biohacker Center Denmark ( ) on the exploration of biohacking techniques related to food and health technology. We will focus on the straightforward strategies and changes you can implement into your lifestyle to take advantage of your body’s biology and feel like the best possible version of yourself. Or simply better, more energized, and content.

IDA Auditorium - IDA (The Danish Society of Engineers)

Kalvebod Brygge 31-33 DK-1780 København V · Copenhagen

What we're about

Biohackers have a whole range of different backgrounds. Driven by a pioneering spirit, we are connected by our openness to crossing disciplinary lines and our belief in the ability to make things possible. We want to liberate ourselves from the limitations of nature, age, and disease.

Biohacking is already impacting the wellness industry today.[1] By 2022, 20% of healthcare industry services will be delivered via customer-focused «quantified self» applications.[1]

A fresh way of thinking is taking hold – a new understanding of do-it-yourself combined with the recognition of how everyone is capable of revealing and developing their own self-healing powers.

What separates Biohackers from the rest of the self-improvement world is the ability to use a systems-thinking approach and track the impact these lifestyle changes make, with hard data.

Biohacking is the art and science of optimizing your performance, health and wellbeing with the help of technological and biological tools. [2]

During our meetups, we will cover subjects such as how to optimize your health and performance, including proper nutrition, proper sleep, the right supplements, nootropics, biofeedback, meditation, neurofeedback, etc.

It isn't about Bulletproof Coffee or selling to each other. We are a registered non-for-profit collective [3] that is about growing this community and letting the world know that they are missing out on much better health!

If you are a biohacker (or similar) and live in Copenhagen, join the group, share your story, and continue to learn through experimentation and science, with this new social circle in Copenhagen!

See you soon!

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[3] ref: Biohacker Center Denmark, Voluntary Association, CVR No.: 39744155

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