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"Copenhagen singles swing dance"
For those who like couple dancing, to the greatest and funniest swing music. We meet, and get a basic lesson fo 60 to 90 minutes, where we exchange partners very often so you will dance with everybody of the opposite sex, and make new dance friends.

And What is it all about?
Check these amazing videos out, and sign up, because then you are on your way in life to meet these astonishing dancers in real life and party with them:

Lindyhop: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ylsMMsla6M0

Boogie Woogie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWDfxgngrNc

RULES apply to create an easy atmosfere of safety and comfort:

Good behavior:

Be on time!, Arrive before the event starts, make friends, get the news, and socialize.
Keep your appointments. With this group, and with your partners.

You are letting your 40 potential friends down, if you sign up and make a no show.
Do not waste others peoples time.
You might loose the chance the meet your dancing spouse on the dancefloor. :-(
We do our outmost to balance ladies and gents, so give us a fair chance and keep you promises. :-)
Often we dance together with other meet up groups, facebookgroups, and other dancers, so the number of participants in your meetup group might be way too little.

Dress Code:

Regarding shoes:Bring clean light indoor shoes. For the first couple of dance events will most normal shoes do the job.
Dont buy special dance shoes before consulting your dance teacher.
Dance shoes shall be brought in a special dance Store, and NOT in shoe store, which will not have any knowledge of dancing.

Expect to get hot and to sweat a lot, so bring an ekstra blouse or shirt.

Bring a bottle of water.

Eat well before the event. You can get dissy if you burn all your carbonhydrates, so bring 2 bananas to charge your energy.
Your brain, balance and rythme feeling works ONLY on energy from carbonhydrates, so bananas, Danish rye bread, is excellent to keep you on the dancefloor for hours of joy. Soft drinks provide impleasant variations in your blood sugar level.

Its is mandatory to be absolute clean from alkohol and other drugs.
You can't learn anything if you are the slightest intoxicated.
And your partner can instantly feel your rhythme is worse that other partners.

Pictures and video:
Respect others peoples privacy and feelings.
Many new dancers feel inseccure about being exposed on a dance floor, and do not want to be photographed or publizied.
You must and shall ask permission before taking any footage, and You shall follow the instructors advise.

Past events (64)

Swingdance and Lindyhop at Café Globen

Café Globen

Tuesday Swing Dance @ Studenterhuset


Swing Dance @ Fælledparken @ Dansepladsen

Dansepladsen, Fælledparken

Swing Dance @ Fælledparken @ Dansepladsen

Dansepladsen, Fælledparken

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