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This is the PUBLIC group for the local chapter of CuddleParty.org. If you prefer to join the PRIVATE group, all events will be cross-advertised. The URL for that group is: https://www.meetup.org/CuddlePartyPDX and the group name is CuddleParty Portland Private Group

CuddleParty(tm) is a workshop & social event to designed to create a safe space for adults to give and receive platonic touch in a fun and supportive setting while developing clear communication skills. Local chapter of the international organization that started the cuddle movement: CuddleParty.Org

CuddleParty is for:
* Setting limits simply and directly
* Practicing asking for what you need
* Giving and receiving enjoyable platonic touch in a pressure-free setting where boundaries are respected
* Meeting new friends and bonding with current friends
* Enjoying amazing conversations
*Having fun while practicing asking for what you want and saying “no” to what you don’t want
*Platonic cuddling, snuggling, hugging, massaging, napping, spooning, leaning, etc.

CuddleParty is NOT for:
*Touch with sexual intent
* Exploring sexual energy
* Identifying and / or picking up potential dating / romantic / sexual partners
* Nudity

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August - Cuddle Party(tm) - East Side Portland


July Cuddle Party(tm) - East Side

Touch Positive Studio


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