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What we’re about

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CRAP Talks is a community to share ideas however big or small. A place for open minds to come together and share in the wisdom of those who have something worth saying and where inspiration and passion walk side by side with practicality and application. 
Mission: To inspire passion, build knowledge and grow the community. 

Vision: By stripping away the noise and keeping it simple we hope to raise the bar for events and meetups everywhere and create environments where practical ideas and inspirational thoughts can meet. Giving every single attendee at least one great idea to make an entire event worth attending. 

Rules: We're bound by just one rule, no sales pitches! Everything else is bound only by the imagination.

Who is CRAP for: While the acronym stands for Conversion Rate, Analytics and Product, anyone who works in the digital space is welcome to join, that means if you work in CRO, Analytics, Product, Data Science, Tech, UX, Marketing, Design or anything else where there is a site, app or user involved, CRAP might be the right place for you. 
Checkout out our past talks on our website or on our YouTube channel.